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A resource to start the conversation
about drug use and abuse.
Advice for Parents

.::: Guiding and Connecting

Preventing drug use and underage drinking starts at
home, but it doesn't end there.
Caring people and community support also influence kids to make the right decisions.

Be a good role model

Whether they admit it or not, your children look to you for clues on how to act. It's important to not only say, but also do the right things.

So lead by example:

  • Use alcohol and medicines responsibly.
  • Encourage healthy alternatives to alcohol and other drugs.
  • Consider hosting occasional alcohol-free events. If you always serve alcohol, your child might grow up thinking that adults can't have fun without drinking.

Spend time together

Keep inviting your kids to spend time with you even though they seem more interested in their friends. They might say no most of the time, but always offer the invitation, because once in a while, they might say yes!

If you and your child share an interest or activity, keep using it as a way to stay connected.

Connect your kids to caring people and places

As kids get older, their world expands beyond immediate family.

Connecting them to caring people extended family, teachers, coaches, church or cultural groups:

  • Can provide good role models.
  • Establishes important relationships.
  • Reinforces the values that are important to you and your family.


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Revised: April 22, 2016


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