One United Voice – Ending Homelessness in Peel

We can end homelessness in Peel by working together with one united voice.

On November 22, 2016, the Region of Peel, in its role as Service System Manager for housing, hosted a community symposium to discuss local strategies to end homelessness. The event commemorated National Housing Day.

More than 85 people from community agencies and program staff from the Region came together to share ideas and experiences, as well as promising practices that will contribute to our efforts to end homelessness in Peel.

Addressing Peel’s Affordable Housing Needs (watch the video – 2 minutes)

Janice Sheehy, Commissioner, Human Services, Region of Peel

“No single organization or level of government can end homelessness or improve housing affordability on its own. The problem is too big and too complex for simplistic solutions. We need to come together as a community to pool our resources. Ultimately, we need to build a common agenda and speak with one united voice to truly make a difference.”

Regional Council’s Priority to Increase Affordable Housing (watch the video – 4 minutes)

Councillor Gael Miles, Human Services Chair (2014 – 2016), Region of Peel

“We need builders, landlords, social housing providers, community agencies and citizens to join with us. Together we can make a difference to increase the supply of affordable housing and help people experiencing homelessness to leave homelessness permanently.”

One United Voice to End Homelessness (watch the video – 3 minutes)

Juliet Jackson, Director, Strategic Partnerships and System Management, Region of Peel

“The Region of Peel is responsible for executing a 10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan. The goal is that everyone has a home and homelessness is eliminated. If you can imagine what an undertaking that is, it is not going to be easy. It is going to take strong partnerships and all levels of government.”

Leading Change to End Homelessness (watch the video – 28 minutes)

Amanda Di Falco, Manager of Homeless Policy and Programs, City of Hamilton

Amanda is a passionate advocate for people experiencing homelessness and a strong believer that homelessness can be ended.

“I have learned that we at the local level have the ability to make a difference and demonstrate results”.

Leading Change to End Homelessness (PDF, 800KB)

REACH Pilot Program (watch the video – 16 minutes)

Avril Dobson, Case Manager Specialist, Salvation Army’s REACH Pilot program

The REACH Pilot program delivers a client-centered approach in helping clients reach their full potential and is one of the Region of Peel’s Housing First initiatives. “In this region, homelessness has different faces. From couch surfing, sleeping on the street, staying in a shelter or in a hospital bed. And just as many faces that we have, we have to have different responses to those individuals.”

REACH Pilot Program (PDF, 778KB)

Peel’s Investments in Housing (watch the video – 2 minutes)

Juliet Jackson, Director, Strategic Partnerships and System Management, Region of Peel

Housing First – The Impact of Built Environment on Quality of Life (watch the video – 21 minutes)
Lina Termini,
Program Manager, Supportive Housing In Peel (SHIP)

Lina oversees two transitional housing programs in Peel - Peel Youth Village and Angela’s Place. She is an ardent proponent of the strengths-based approach to her work, the housing first model and the impact that proactive design of built environment has on the quality of life of its community.

Supportive Housing In Peel (SHIP) (PDF, 905KB)

Findings of 20,000 Homes Registry Week (watch the video – 18 minutes)

Christy Upshall, Executive Director, Our Place Peel and Ross Harding, Communications Coordinator, St. Leonard’s Place Peel

Christy and Ross presented the findings of the National 20,000 Homes Registry Week in Peel.

Peel Alliance to End Homelessness - 20,000 Homes Peel (PDF, 901KB)

Questions and Answers (watch the video – 25 minutes)

What We Have Learned Today (watch the video – 1 minute)

Juliet Jackson, Director, Strategic Partnerships and System Management, Region of Peel

Peel Housing and Homelessness Summit

Juliet Jackson, Director, Strategic Partnerships and System Management, Region of Peel

“Today we are starting our call to action as one united voice for Peel. The next chapter will be a housing and homelessness summit. We will be engaging our partners in a dialogue about what it will take for us to address the entire housing continuum from preventing homelessness to affordable home ownership.”


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