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Resident Rights

It is our hope that through our commitment to meet the unique needs of each resident and by promoting and respecting your rights that you feel at home in our Centre. Please review the Resident’s Bill of Rights handout provided to you.

Resident Responsibilities

We ask the residents and their visitors to:

  • Observe the rules and policies of the Centre.
  • Provide all pertinent information regarding his/her care requirements and answer requests for required information.
  • Respect the rights and privacy of all others and treat everyone, including staff with dignity, courtesy and respect.

Family Members & Representatives - Where Do You Fit In?

  • We want you to feel supported during this time and ask that you openly communicate your support and informational needs to our staff. We will need you to partner with staff in addressing the needs of your family member and hope you will be available in person or by phone.
  • We ask that you keep us informed of significant life events such as births, deaths, marriages, changes in family circumstances, moves and changes of address. These things will of course affect your family member, and we want to be able to support him/her.
  • We ask that families maintain a role in the residents’ life and suggest frequent phone calls and visits. We also encourage visits of extended family, as keeping this contact may offer the resident a continued sense of connectedness.
  • We ask that you take note that our Centre has a strict policy that employees shall not seek or accept any gifts, money, entertainment, services or valuables from any resident or family.

We encourage families to ask questions. We have enclosed a list of staff in this handbook which should help direct you to the right people to address various concerns. Please know that staff is available to assist you and we encourage you to speak to us about matters of concern so these can be immediately addressed.
Privacy Health Information
Malton Village Long Term Care Centre provides you with a variety of health care services. To meet your needs and provide you with quality service, Malton Village needs to know personal health information about you.

We take steps to protect your personal health information from theft, loss and unauthorized access, copying, modification, use, disclosure and disposal. We conduct audits and complete investigations to monitor and manage our privacy compliance. We take steps to ensure that everyone who performs services for us protect your privacy and only use your personal health information for the purposes for which you consented.

This personal health information about you is collected from you or from the person legally acting on your behalf to help provide health care or receive payments for health care. We use this information and share it only with those who need to know the information.

If you would like to know more about how your personal health information is collected, used, stored, disclosed, or about our privacy protection practices, or to raise a concern you have with our practices, please speak with your Director of Care or the Centre’s Administrator. You may also speak to our privacy contact person, the Director of Long Term Care 905-791-7800.


Revised: Tuesday July 27 2010

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