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Regular housekeeping duties are carried out in accordance with Ministry of Health regulations to ensure our residents’ environment is attractive, clean and safe.

Laundry/ Taking Laundry Home

We provide laundry service on-site free of charge.  On admission, a record is made of all belongings and all clothing is labelled.  Any new clothing brought in after admission, must be checked in at Reception to be sent for labelling. Items such as bedding, linen, pillows, wash cloths and towels are provided.  

We cannot be responsible for delicates. For this reason we ask that you bring washable clothing. We do not have dry cleaning service. If family members wish to wash residents’ personal clothing at home, we ask that you advise the registered staff or the Director of Care of the Resident Home Area so that staff can be informed not to send the soiled clothing to the laundry.


The Maintenance Department has a comprehensive maintenance program that is aimed at providing a comfortable, secure and safe environment. Do not hesitate to bring any concerns forward to the Facility Services Supervisor.

Resident Furnishings/Electrical Appliances/ Pictures/ Mirrors/Wall Hangings

Maintenance staff is required to inspect all resident furnishings and electrical appliances such as televisions, radios and lamps prior to placement in the Resident’s rooms. Maintenance staff should be notified when any furnishings or appliances are brought into the Centre to ensure they meet legislative requirements. All resident appliances are to be inspected twice a year by the Maintenance staff and if there are any safety issues, they will be removed from service. 

Staff will install pictures, mirror, wall hangings, etc. Maintenance staff can perform minor repairs on equipment; any significant repairs will be the responsibility of the Resident and/or family. If residents’ items are identified by the Joint Health and Safety as a safety hazard, maintenance staff will call families to remove these items.

Resident Rooms

Malton Village supplies standard furniture and bedding. Pillows, bed linen, wash cloths and towels will also be provided. Rooms will be equipped with a bed, bedside table, dresser, and chair. We encourage you to personalize your room.

Our Facility Services staff will be happy to assist you moving things into the Centre, please contact them to arrange for assistance with items you intend to bring.

Revised: Tuesday July 27 2010

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