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April 19, 2001

Rob Rivers
Acting Director, Waste Management
Public Works
Region of Peel
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1,2,3, That's The Key
Region Of Peel To Phase In Three Bag Limit


(Brampton) - The Region of Peel will phase in a three bag standard for waste collection, beginning June 4, 2001. Regional Council today approved a recommendation from staff on the new program.

"We're phasing in the new three bag standard to give residents an opportunity to adjust to the program," says Mitch Zamojc, Commissioner of Public Works at the Region of Peel. "We're confident that, if we give residents a chance to get used to the program, they will work with us to increase waste diversion in Peel."

The three bag standard will begin on June 4, 2001 with a voluntary phase. During this phase, residents will be asked to place a garbage tag on any garbage bags or containers (weighing less than 23 kg or 50 lbs.) in excess of three, which are put out to the curb. Although all garbage will be picked up during this phase, stickers will be left behind to remind residents about the three bag standard. Garbage tags will be available at no cost during this phase.

All Peel residents will receive a package in the mail in May 2001 containing 12 free garbage tags, along with information about the new three bag standard and the switch to weekly recycling pick-up, which will coincide with the introduction of the three bag standard.

Beginning February 2002, tags will continue to be available at no charge, but any garbage bags or containers in excess of three which are put out to the curb without a tag will be left behind with a sticker reminding residents about the three bag standard.

In September 2002, a nominal cost will be applied to the garbage tags, and any bags or containers in excess of three will be left behind.

"The payment phase of the three bag standard, which will begin in September 2002, will coincide with the closing of the Britannia Sanitary Landfill Site," says Zamojc. " We're doing all we can to increase diversion in Peel, in order to minimize the financial impacts of the Britannia Sanitary Landfill site closure on residents."

The Region will offer three "Amnesty Weeks" a year, during which residents can place unlimited bags or containers to the curb. These are the first week of January, the week after Victoria Day in May, and the week after Labour Day.

"Peel residents have been doing a great job of diverting waste," says Zamojc. "Their continued participation in the Region's waste management programs is helping us move towards our goal of diverting 70 per cent of waste from landfill."

The three bag standard will not apply to yard waste or recycling. There are no limits to the amount of recycling and yard waste that can be put out to the curb.

For more information about the three bag standard or other waste management programs, call the Region's WASTELINE at 905-791-9499. Residents in long distance areas in Caledon can call 905-584-2216 free of charge and ask for the WASTELINE, or visit the Region's Web site at


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