For Immediate Release
February 15, 2001

Keith Ward
Commissioner of Housing and Property, General Manager of Peel Living
Region of Peel
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(Brampton) - Regional Council endorsed a report today from the Housing and Property Department urging all levels of government to work together to help municipalities and the private sector build affordable rental housing.

Low vacancy rates, significant rent increases and rising house prices were among the trends noted in a report released by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). These trends contribute to the increasing numbers of people seeking affordable housing and to homelessness both in Peel and in what is being defined as the Toronto Census Metropolitan Area.

"The tightening of the rental market in Peel and Toronto CMA concerns us," said Keith Ward, Commissioner of Housing and Property for the Region of Peel, and General Manager of Peel Living, the Region's non-profit housing corporation. "We need governments at the municipal, provincial and federal levels to work together, because without new affordable housing stock, we will see worsening impacts on residents most vulnerable to housing market conditions."

CMHC figures indicate Peel's vacancy rate to be at its lowest level since October 1988. A vacancy rate of 1 per cent means that for every 1,000 private apartment units, 10 units were vacant and available for immediate rent.

Rates in Peel decreased from .8 per cent in 1999 to .6 per cent in 2000. The City of Mississauga dropped to .5 per cent in 2000 from .8 per cent in 1999. The City of Brampton remained unchanged at .7 per cent between 1999 and 2000.

Trends in the vacancy rate for the Town of Caledon are difficult to assess because of the small number of surveyed rental units present, according to the CMHC report.

"Individuals most vulnerable to the housing market conditions include low-income lone-parents, low-income singles, seniors, those with psychiatric or physical disabilities, and those who are employed yet rely on shelters as an alternative to affordable housing," Ward said.

Other factors contributing to the declining affordable housing stock are:

"The tightening rental market means fewer choices for tenants and difficult times for those in need of affordable housing," said Ward. "We expect to see the rental housing shortage only getting worse without government-funded initiatives for new housing developments."

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