Transportation Demand Management (TDM)

Report Summary

The Region of Peel TDM Study Report (pdf file 942 KB, 84 pages) was completed in June 2004 with a number of recommended policies and strategies for the Region to manage demand of additional vehicle trips, especially during the rush hours.

The suggested policies are organized under four major topic areas:

  • Transportation,
  • Land Use and Community Design,
  • Environmental and
  • Health and Implementation:


  • Coordinate with all levels of the public and private sector, to promote a safe and sustainable transportation system that offers travellers a variety of mobility choices and increases the efficiency of the existing transportation system

  • Encourage local municipalities to develop multi-purpose pedestrian/bicycle networks that promote active transportation and consider the potential for provision of technically appropriate (e.g. safety, route connectivity issues etc.) routes on Regional roads to encourage active transportation. These routes will be designed to provide the necessary linkages with the area municipal active transportation networks

Land Use and Community Design:

  • Coordinate with area municipalities to promote land uses and site design in the Region which foster the use of alternative modes of transportation, including transit, vanpooling, carpooling, and active transportation (such as bicycling and walking), as well as infrastructure to encourage teleworking

Environmental and Health:

  • Coordinate with area municipalities, school boards, transit providers and non-profit organizations, to educate the public, through new initiatives, on the relationship of vehicle trips and air pollution

  • Encourage the private and public sector to integrate the marketing and education of the benefits of transportation alternatives, including health, improved air quality and enhanced quality of life, into existing activities and programs


  • Foster the development of TDM strategies by acting as a regional resource for TDM

  • Coordinate with area municipalities to promote and support TDM within Regional and area municipal government employees/departments

  • Coordinate with area municipalities to encourage the facilitation of public-private partnerships to promote and implement TDM strategies

  • Co-ordinate with area municipalities to evaluate and measure TDM strategies

The report indicated that in order to successfully implement these TDM polices and measures, co-ordination and partnership with area municipalities, senior levels of government and the private sector are important

The TDM Study Report (pdf file 942 KB, 84 pages) also provides a blueprint for implementation by identifying appropriate TDM strategies and outlining additional steps and information necessary to implement the TDM polices:

  • Integrate TDM strategies into transportation and official plans

  • Co-ordinate with other GTA TDM initiatives including the GTA Smart Commute Initiative as outlined in Appendix II

  • Work co-operatively with the Smart Commute Association, area municipalities and key stakeholders to develop TDM programs and services in Peel

  • Develop a five-year TDM Action Plan for the Region through the Regional TDM working group. In coordination with area municipalities, the action plan should also identify the appropriate party, either the Region, area municipalities or other agencies, to implement the different TDM strategies. To ensure that there will be no duplication of effort, development of this five-year action plan can be initiated after the Smart Commute Association is formed and fully operational

  • Identify, establish and participate in Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) in Peel Region (please refer to Appendix III for further detail about TMAs)

On July 8, 2004 Regional Council supported the findings from the study. The next steps will be to:

For further information contact Wayne Chan, Transportation Manager.

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