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Construction in Peel: Caledon

Belfountain Arch Bridge Rehabilitation
Forks of the Credit Road
Projects #04-4840

We have finished the work and the road is open to traffic. The project is under warranty until May 2018.

What are we doing?

  • Rehabilitating the existing Belfountain Arch Bridge, due to damage or deterioration over time.
  • Removing/reconstructing concrete headwalls, removing and replacing the steel beam guiderail and installing a new steel railing system.
  • Slope stabilization adjacent to the bridge abutments.
  • Installation of sub-surface infiltration trenches to enhance the management of stormwater.
  • Closing the road at the bridge location to reduce the overall construction duration.


  • Forks of the Credit Road between King Street South and Credit Park Street as shown on the attached map.


  • November 16, 2015 to December 15, 2015 for slope stabilization work.
  • December 16, 2015 to March 31, 2016 construction will cease and bridge will be re-opened to traffic.
  • April 1, 2016 to May 31, 2016 for bridge rehabilitation work.

Who can you call?

Esposito Bros. Construction Ltd.
under contract to the Region of Peel.
Contact Responsibilities Telephone
Chris Diamantopoulos Site Supervisor 905-857-1191
Domenic Petosa Project Manager 905-857-1191
Region of Peel
Contact Responsibilities Telephone
Jerry Tan Project Manager 905-791-7800 ext. 7916
Asad Rauf Regional Inspector 905-791-7800 ext. 3246

Working Hours

  • Our contractor’s normal working hours are from 6am to 6pm.
  • These hours are consistent with the local municipality’s bylaws. We understand this may cause some inconvenience, but a shorter working day would mean the project would take longer to complete.

Traffic and Parking Control

  • The road will be closed at the bridge from November 16, 2015 to December 15, 2015 AND April 1, 2016 to May 31, 2016.
  • Local traffic only will have access on Forks of the Credit Road from River Road to the Bridge and Mississauga Road to the Bridge.
  • Detour signs will be erected to advise motorists how to get around the road closure.
  • Barriers and signs will be placed for safety and direction, as required under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Driveway Access

  • Driveway access adjacent to the construction zone will be maintained, with minimal disruption.
  • If we need to block your driveway for a short time you will be contacted to arrange for the best time.
  • Please call the Project Manager if you have special needs related to access or business hours.

Project Updates

  • The Region of Peel will keep you informed of any substantial changes in the project scope or schedule.
  • We are committed to ensuring minimum disruption to your homes and businesses.

Keep in touch through project updates posted to the Region’s website or the Town of Caledon’s Smartphone app:



Revised: Wednesday May 18 2016


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