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Public Works Construction

Construction in Peel: Mississauga

Installation of Water Feedermain
Dixie Road from Golden Orchard Drive to Eastgate Parkway

We have finished the work. The project is under warranty until January 2018.

For latest information, please visit Hanlan Water Project or follow us on Twitter @hanlanwp

10-1205 C2

What are we doing?

  • Installing a 2400-mm (8 feet) diameter water feedermain on Dixie Road between Golden Orchard Drive and Eastgate Parkway. Work will be done by open-cut construction (digging a trench and laying the pipe in the trench).
  • Replacing local distribution watermains on:
    • Dixie Road from Little Etobicoke Creek to Bloor Street,
    • Bloor Street from Golden Orchard Drive to Havenwood Drive, and
    • Golden Orchard Drive from Dixie Road to Grassfire Crescent.
    • If we are replacing the local distribution watermain on your street, we will send you another letter before we do the work.

      Area map (PDF 238KB, 1 page)


  • To meet the water demands of future planned and approved Regional growth, including the Mississauga city centre core.
  • To provide operational flexibility if we need to temporarily shut off the existing Hanlan Feedermain for inspection and repair.
  • To upgrade the water system capacity and reliability in line with the Region’s State of Good Repair program.


  • Work will start in January/February 2014.
  • The project should be completed by mid to late 2016.

Who can you call?

Region of Peel Personnel
Contact Responsibilities Phone Number
Bill Turner Project Manager, Feedermain 905-791-7800, ext. 7837
Troy Leyburne Project Manager, Local Dist. 905-791-7800, ext. 7919
Scott Durdle Hanlan Ambassador 416-274-3013
CH2M Hill - Consultant
Contact Responsibilities Phone Number
Eric Wildschut Contract Administrator 416-499-0090, ext. 73489
Alexei Sitenko Site Inspector 416-729-9959
T2DMP Ltd.
T2DMP Ltd. will do the work, under contract to the
Region of Peel
Contact Responsibilities Phone Number
Derek Goddard Project Manager 647-924-5509
Nick Neag Project Coordinator 416-768-9006

Traffic Management

  • Construction will be done in stages to minimize traffic disruption.
  • We will maintain two northbound and two southbound lanes through the construction zones on Dixie Road.


  • Property owners or tenants within 100 metres of the centre line of Dixie Road should have received a letter offering a preconstruction inspection survey performed by OZA Inspections Ltd. If you live or own property within 100 metres of the centre line of Dixie Road (between Golden Orchard Drive and Eastgate Parkway) and have not received this letter, call Sandi at 905-791-7800 ext. 5078.
  • The work may generate slight vibrations which may be felt in your home or business. As a precaution, you may consider removing or securing small, light or fragile objects from shelving and walls during the construction period.

Interrupting Your Water Supply

  • The Hanlan Feedermain carries water from the Lakeview Water Treatment Plant to the Hanlan Reservoir and Pumping Station. There are no water services connected to the feedermain, so it is very unlikely your water will be interrupted.
  • If we have to shut off your water because of an emergency, we will do everything we can to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Multi-use Trails

  • In support of the Mississauga Cycling Master Plan and the Peel Active Transportation Plan, we’re working with the City of Mississauga to improve walking and cycling facilities along the Hanlan Water Project Route.
  • In your area, we’re building asphalt multi-use trails along the west side of Dixie Road from Hickory Drive to Kendall Road.
  • Trails are designed to fit within the road right-of-way property limits.
  • The design has been completed to try to avoid damaging existing trees. If we must remove a tree, we will consult with City of Mississauga forestry staff to plant replacement trees (where possible).
  • If we must cut your driveway to install the trail, we will repair the asphalt or existing surface treatment from edge to edge across the driveway within the limits of disturbance, from the trail to beyond the damaged area.
  • Work will begin on the multi-use trail when we’ve finished installing the watermain.
  • For general information about trails and cycling in Peel, visit walkandrollpeel.ca or mississauga.ca/cycling.
  • Email any questions about the Dixie Road multi-use trail to walkandroll@peelregion.ca.

Project Updates

  • Check hanlanwaterproject.ca/construction for construction updates and to see where traffic is likely to be affected.
  • Follow us on Twitter @hanlanwp or check the Drivers’ Hotline 1-855-hanlan1 (1-855-426-5261).
  • The Region of Peel will let you know if there are any major changes to the plans.
  • Please call the Project Manager or Ambassador if you have any concerns or special needs.

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Revised: Friday February 19 2016


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