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Public Works Transportation For Residents Pre-wetting Technologies

Pre-wetting Technologies

What is pre-wetting technologies?

Pre-wetting is the process of spraying salt with a liquid de-icing agent (salt brine) before spreading the salt on the roadway.

Benefits of wetting the salt

Pre-wetting the salt helps it work more effectively in 2 ways:

  1. Wet salt clings to the road instead of bouncing off or being swept off by traffic. This results in less salt being spread, saving money and minimizing the impact to the environment.

  2. Wetting the salt before spreading it onto the road helps to start the melting process. The moisture dissolves the salt, releasing heat that melts the ice and snow and breaks the ice-road bond.

The salt truck automatically mixes the dry salt with the liquid brine to create a sticky material that is sprayed onto the road surface. This prevents the salt from bouncing off to the side or into the ditch. The salt spreader is controlled electronically by the driver to ensure the best application.

As a result, less salt is spread, saving money and minimizing the impact to the environment.
Please call 905-791-7800 for more information on salt pre-wetting technologies in your area.

Revised: Friday November 18 2016


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