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Water and Wastewater

South Peel Facility Expansion Projects

Expansion Projects Details

Clarkson Wastewater Treatment Plant

Clarkson Wastewater Treatment Plant
  1. Ferrous Storage Tank Replacement
    Replaces two old ferrous storage tanks with four new storage tanks to meet the increased flow of the plant for phosphorous removal.
  2. Construction Site Office/Plant Storage Facility
    Both facilities will replace the existing structures that were demolished to site the biosolids complex
  3. Digesters and Boiler Complex
    Three new digester tanks and a sludge blending tank will increase the facility's sludge-handling capacity.
  4. Secondary Treatment Facilities
    New facilities include an aeration tank and final tank to meet the capacity of 200 million litres per day and provincial nitrification requirements.
  5. New Headworks Facility
    (Screen and Grit Improvements)
    Clarkson's new headworks facility will include improved screens and grit removal tanks to enhance the removal of heavy inorganic solids such as sand and gravel or other material like wood, paper or rags.
  6. Biosolids Complex
    The new biosolids building will house thickening and dewatering equipment as well as provide for polymer, sludge loading and maintenance facilities. The construction of dewatering facilities will reduce the volume of sludge transported to the Lakeview Wastewater Treatment Facility for processing.
  7. Disinfection and Final Tanks Extension
    Provides for chlorination/dechlorination facilities as well as an extension to the final tanks.

Revised: Thursday December 06 2007


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