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What is the Hanlan Water Project?

The Hanlan Water Project is the construction of two watermains:

  1. The Hanlan Feedermain is 2400-mm (8 feet) in diameter and will carry water from Lakeview Water Treatment Plant on Lake Ontario to the Hanlan Reservoir and Pumping Station on Tomken Road and Britannia Road East.

  2. The Mississauga City Centre Subtransmission Watermain is 1500-mm (5 feet) in diameter, and will carry water from Hanlan Reservoir and Pumping Station to the Mississauga city centre core area.

Why do we need the Hanlan Water Project?

The Hanlan Water Project is needed to meet the water demands of future planned and approved Regional growth, including in the Mississauga city centre core.

The new feedermain will provide backup and flexibility if the existing Hanlan Feedermain needs to be temporarily shut off for inspection or repair.

It will also help to fulfil the Region's obligations to York Region, made under the York-Peel Water Supply Agreement in February 2002.

Why is this project important to me, my family and my neighbours?

As the Region of Peel grows and as our existing water network ages, we must produce a larger amount of drinking water and deliver it reliably to homes, businesses and institutions throughout Mississauga, Brampton and parts of Caledon

The Hanlan Water Project is part of Peel's commitment to provide you with a dependable supply of clean, safe drinking water.

What is a feedermain?

A feedermain is a large diameter watermain that services a sizeable population, carrying water from one reservoir or pumping station to another.

What is a subtransmission main?

A subtransmission main carries water from a pumping station to smaller, local distribution watermains. Distribution watermains are the same as those that feed your house or business.

When did construction start and when will it end?

Construction began in late 2011 and should be completed by early 2017.

To date, we have installed 300 metres of 2400-mm feedermain along Lakefront Promenade from Lakeview Water Treatment Plant to Lakeshore Road East, and 100 metres of 1500-mm watermain on Cawthra Road, north of Burnhamthorpe Road East.

How was the route chosen?

In 2009, the Region of Peel completed a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment to choose the best route for a new large-diameter municipal watermain in Mississauga. Three alternative routes were evaluated, and suggestions and input from the public and review agencies was considered.

How will the Hanlan Water Project be built?

Part of the work will be done by tunnelling, and part will be done by open-cut construction.

What is open cutting?

Open cutting involves digging a trench to install new water infrastructure or to upgrade existing water infrastructure. Because it is surface work and typically extends over long stretches of land, it can cause some traffic disruption along the construction route.

What is tunnelling?

Tunnelling is completed by digging two shafts and using special equipment to tunnel beneath the surface of the road between the shafts. As the work takes place mostly underground, it can be less intrusive than open cutting. Tunnelling limits disruptions to shaft-site locations, where construction activities are concentrated.

Why can't you tunnel the whole route?

Tunnelling can be very expensive, and it would not be cost effective to tunnel the whole route. However, in areas where greater disruption would be caused by open cutting, such as major intersections or where there are complex utility networks in place, it can be more economical and advantageous to tunnel.

We will also tunnel environmentally sensitive areas such as the Etobicoke Creek.

How will traffic be affected during construction?

Lanes will be closed and turns may be restricted while we are working in an area. We will do everything we can to make sure disruptions are kept to a minimum.

We'll keep you informed of impacts to traffic through Twitter, local media and electronic roadside signs. You can also call our Drivers' Hotline at 1-855-hanlan1
(1-855-426-5261) to hear where construction is happening each day.

Check out our interactive map to find out where and when construction is happening in your neighbourhood.

Why is it called the "Hanlan" Water Project?

Region of Peel feedermains take the name of the pumping station or reservoir they supply, and the Hanlan Feedermain supplies the Hanlan Pumping Station at Tomken Road and Britannia Road.

Long before the Hanlan Pumping Station was built, a small community developed along Britannia Road between Dixie and Tomken Roads. Eventually the village assumed the name "Hanlan", in honour of famed Canadian oarsman Edward (Ned) Hanlan, who was the world rowing champion from 1880 to 1884.

What's behind the walls at Lakeshore at Dixie, and Dixie at South Service Road?

These walls surround the tunnel shafts for that Hanlan Water Project, Contract 1. They not only keep the site safe, but also help keep the noise associated with heavy construction from disturbing the neighbourhood.

As the project progresses, you'll also see the walls at:

  • Lakeshore Road and Lakefront Promenade
  • Dixie Road and Primate Road
  • Dixie Road and Golden Orchard Boulevard


What's the noise I hear close to the tunnel shafts?

When we're digging the tunnel shafts, you may hear a rhythmic banging sound. These sounds come from the rock hammer which, as its name suggests, breaks up the rocks. As the shaft gets deeper, the noise will not be as loud. We have built concrete walls around the shafts to try to minimise the noise heard outside the work area. When we've finished working at a shaft, we'll remove the walls to use elsewhere.


How much water will the Hanlan Feedermain and Mississauga City Centre Subtransmission Main carry?

The Hanlan Feedermain will carry 950 million litres a day. The Mississauga City Centre Subtransmission Main will carry 275 million litres a day.

Revised: Tuesday January 17 2017


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