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Frequently Asked Questions

There are few moving parts to a water meter, and, if handled properly, is unlikely to break or record inaccurate readings.

Meter Installations and Repairs

  1. Q: If a water meter is damaged or frozen at a customer's premises does the
    customer have to pay for the replacement of the meter?

    A: Yes, where the is customer negligence such as failing to provide adequate
    heating to prevent freezing or failing to protect the meter from damage or loss
    during renovations. The amount charged depends on the size of the meter and
    the length of time the damaged meter had been in service.

  2. Q: If the Region meter is damaged or frozen can the customer get their plumber to
    purchase a meter and install it?

    A: No, all meters in are supplied through the Region and are of one specific type
    only. The customer will not save any money trying to have the meter
    replaced on his own. The Region's cost for meters is the lowest possible due to
    the savings realized from the large volume purchasing of meters.

  3. Q: Can a customer upgrade to a larger size meter than the meter that is currently
    installed at their home or business?

    A: Yes, they can request an upgrade in some circumstances. The maximum
    allowable size of the meter is based on the size (inside diameter) of the water
    pipe that enters their home or business.

  4. Q: Is there a charge to upgrade a meter?

    A: Yes, the charge to the customer will depend on the size of the upgrade meter.

  5. Q. The valve before the meter is leaking or will not shut off the water, will the Region repair it?

    A. The shut off valve before the meter is installed by the home builder and is the responsibility of the homeowner to repair or replace. The Region places the meter on the piping at the location that the builder has provided and installs the remote reading device.

    To fix the shut off valve located before the meter, the main water supply to your home must be shut off.  Please contact the Region’s Public Works department to book a water shut off appointment.

    This activity is the responsibility of the Region of Peel and ensures the property line valve to your home is operated correctly.

Revised: Thursday August 30 2012


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