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Frequently Asked Questions

There are few moving parts to a water meter, and, if handled properly, is unlikely to break or record inaccurate readings.

Water that flows into your home through the water meter moves an internal disc. The turning disc moves the low flow indicator and sweep hand on the register face. When the sweep hand completes a full revolution (clockwise), it advances the odometer bank one digit.

Water meters donít require a power supply because the flow of water supplies the energy to record the amount of water consumed. Meters only register water when there is demand for water from your home by fixtures and appliances.

Water meters are highly accurate and the Region conducts random sample accuracy tests yearly. If you would like to request the Region of Peel to check your water meter for accuracy, there is a service charge involved.

If you would like to have your meter checked due to a high water bill, please contact Water Billing to have a verification representative visit your home to check for leaks:

  • E-mail us or call 905-791-8711.
  • Residents in long-distance areas of Caledon can call 905-584-2216.

If you have other meter issues such as meter and/or coupling leaks, stopped meters, cables cut etc. please contact meter operations at 905-791-7800, ext. 3226.

Revised: Monday June 07 2010


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