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The Region of Peel provides water and wastewater services to residents and businesses in Peel.


Every time you turn on the tap you can enjoy drinking water that has been treated and tested to ensure it is of excellent quality.
You are billed based on meter readings of water used at your property.


When you flush a toilet, take a shower or do laundry, wastewater flows into the sanitary sewer system and to one of Peel's wastewater treatment facilities. All wastewater is treated before being returned to the environment.

For residential customers connected to the sanitary sewer system, the wastewater rate is applied to 85 per cent of your water consumption. The remaining 15 per cent recognizes seasonal water use such as lawn watering and pool maintenance, where the water is not returned to the sanitary sewer system.

Billing cycle

Customers supplied with less than 455 cubic metres (100,000 gallons) of water months are billed quarterly. All other accounts are billed monthly.

New water and wastewater billing system

As of October 2015, the Region of Peel will use a new and improved system to manage water and wastewater accounts. Your water and wastewater bill will look different:

  • All customers have a new account number. The account number can still be found at the top right corner of the new bills
  • Your water consumption is now shown in cubic meters instead of tens of cubic metres
  • Your daily consumption is now listed is cubic metres as well
  • If you pay your bill through online or telephone banking, you will need to use your NEW account number for payments made from October 2015.

Changes for monthly customers

In addition to above changes:

  • You will receive your water bill at the time of the meter read, rather than at the end of the month. If you receive multiple bills from the Region, they may arrive at different times and have different due dates.

Stormwater Charge for Mississauga Property Owners

If you own property in Mississauga, the city of Mississauga will collect a new stormwater charge that will appear on your Regional water bill.

The stormwater charge is a new, dedicated source of funding to manage stormwater now and in the future. To learn more, visit the City of Mississauga.

  • For Mississauga property owners/tenants on the Region's pre-authorized payment plan, the stormwater charge will be added to the total amount taken.
  • For Mississauga tenants who currently pay the water bill at their rental address, the stormwater charge may be added to the bill.
The Stormwater Charge amount that will appear on the bill is based on the daily rate for the property, applied since January 1, 2016. Daily and annual Stormwater Charge estimates for Mississauga properties can be viewed at www.stormwatercharge.ca.

Revised: Tuesday April 19 2016


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