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Water and Wastewater

Understanding the Science - Technical Studies

An important first step is learning where your water comes from, how vulnerable it is to contamination, and what kind of contaminants are in source water.

In 2006, the Region of Peel initiated technical studies, with funding support from the Ministry of the Environment (MOE), to assess the vulnerability of its municipal wells to contamination and identify threats to its groundwater-based drinking water sources. The technical studies were conducted with support from Conservation Authority partners.

The Source Protection Terms of Reference is a work plan that outlines who does what, when it will happen and how much it will cost. The Terms of Reference also guides the Source Protection Committee through the completion of the Assessment Report and the Source Protection Plan. The Terms of Reference identifies the following:

  • The drinking water systems being included in the source protection planning process

  • A list of technical studies and tasks required to identify vulnerable areas and risks to drinking water within these areas (Assessment Report)

  • A list of tasks required to develop land use planning policies, risk reduction strategies and monitoring activities to address risks to drinking water in vulnerable areas (Source Protection Plan)

  • A list of matters affecting neighbouring watersheds that need to be worked on together

  • Who will coordinate the technical and planning tasks (municipalities, conservation authority staff or a partnership between the two)

  • Cost estimates and a schedule for completing all required tasks

The work outlines in the Terms of Reference is now complete. The results are in the ‘Assessment Reports’ for each Source Protection Area in the CTC Source Protection Region. The Assessment Reports are available at the CTC Source Protection website under 'The Science.'

Human activities in vulnerable areas that have the potential to pose the biggest risk to the water sources are called significant threats. The Assessment Reports list the number and type of these threats that may exist.


Revised: Wednesday November 06 2013


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