Making Way
For Ontarians with Disabilities

Table of Contents

A. Introduction

B. Background

B.1 Preparing the Service Strategy Business Plan
B.2 Key Contacts
B.3 Additional Information

C. Description of Current Services

C.1 Program Location Map
C.2 Profile of Current Services
C.3 Description of Clients/Customers
C.4 Description of Suppliers, Partners and Stakeholders
C.5 Overall Organization Structure and Staffing
C.6 Significant Recent Activities/Initiatives

D. Trends and Issues

D.1 Emerging Trends
D.2 Key Strategic Issues

E. Mandate, Objectives and Actions

E.1 Mandate and Objectives
E.2 Objectives and Actions
E.3 Strategic Plan Connection
E.4 Service Principles (optional)

F. Monitoring and Measuring the Service Strategy Business Plan

F.1 Objectives and Outcomes

Appendix I: Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2001 and Service Strategy Business Planning Requirements
Appendix II: Accessibility Work Plan
Appendix III: Summary of Accessibility Accomplishments July 2005 - June 2006
Appendix IV: Illustration of Emerging Trends
Appendix V: Accessible Transportation Coordination Office Initiatives
Appendix VI: Region of Peel: Liveable Peel Initiative
Appendix VII: Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (Bill 118) Accessibility Standards Development Overview
Appendix VIII: Accessibility Planning by Public Sector: Municipalities
Appendix IX: Glossary of Terms

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