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10 Peel Centre Dr. Expansion Project
10 Peel Centre Dr. - Brampton

10 Peel Centre Drive, Suite B and C, Brampton

Improving Service Delivery and Building Energy Efficiencies

  • The Region of Peel is improving customer service by bringing together programs and services previously available at various locations in Brampton to 10 Peel Centre Drive, a location conveniently situated next to a major transit hub in central Brampton
  • By integrating and simplifying access to services, the Region is improving service delivery and increasing efficiencies to meet the service demands of one of the most rapidly growing and culturally diverse communities in the country
  • An estimated 500 – 800 daily visitors to 10 Peel Centre Drive can apply for childcare spaces and subsidies, social housing and financial assistance or access employment resources at the new Human Services Reception and Employment Resource Centre, and pay water bills, purchase green bins and access other services at Access Peel, the Region’s customer service centre
  • Peel Regional Police 21 Division has also relocated to 10 Peel Centre Dr., Suite C, enhancing its capacity to serve the community with more office space to support program needs while remaining centrally located for the citizens it serves
  • The design and energy efficiency features of the new building demonstrate the Region’s commitment to responsible environmental management practices and energy.

Building Design and Features

  • New office and services facility linked to Regional headquarters at 10 Peel Centre Drive in Brampton, adjacent to a central transit hub
  • Accommodates approximately 1,000 Regional and 270 Peel Police staff, in addition to 700 Regional staff in the existing Regional headquarters.
  • Six storeys high, 200,000 sq. ft. in size, including 30,000 sq. ft. for Peel Police 21 Division
  • Accessibility features throughout the building enhance the experience for all visitors and staff
  • Cafeteria on ground level to serve the public and Regional and Peel Police employees
  • Designed by WZMH ARCHITECTS and constructed by Bondfield Construction Company Ltd.
  • Building Costs: construction, permits, commissioning = $56.5M; design and project contingency = $5.9M; land = $1.9 Million; furniture and signage = $5.5M

Building a Greener Peel

The Region is committed to responsible environmental management practices and energy use. The new facility features:
  • reflective roofing material that reduces heat absorption
  • geothermal system that handles about 15% of building’s total heating and cooling load
  • natural sunlight harvesting system that adjusts light levels automatically to amount of daylight
  • renewable energy sources that will supply 100% of building’s energy needs for two years
  • striving for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.
Visit Peel’s 10 Peel Centre Drive website for more information on services at 10 Peel Centre Drive, or visit Peel’s corporate energy web site to learn more about Peel’s energy practices.


Revised: Friday June 26 2009


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