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Last Reviewed: April 2017
The latch

Dad-To-Be Checklist

Do you feel ready to become a father?

Taking the time to plan can better your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Think about the statements below. Each statement relates to living healthy, proper nutrition and important safeguards against negative outcomes when it comes to conceiving or parenting.

Parenting Demands and Responsibilities

I'm ready to be a parent
I'm financially prepared to become a father. I know the costs of raising a child
I know how much my child will change my life

Personal Health

Mental Health, Emotions and Feelings

I'm a positive thinker
I accept only what I can handle
I prevent my anger from getting out of control
I know the signs of depression and postpartum depression. I know who to call for help

Physical Health

I booked my ‘health before pregnancy' check-up with my health-care provider
I’ve been tested for sexually transmitted infections
I'm a healthy weight


I eat healthy meals and snacks
I eat foods rich in zinc daily (i.e., meat, eggs and whole grain cereals).

Exercise and Fitness

I walk during my work breaks and sometimes take the stairs
I enjoy many physical activities or playing sports a few times a week

Sleep and Stress Level

I usually sleep well and feel rested
I can cope with stress in my life
I balance time spent at work and at home
I get support when I feel worried or anxious

Healthy Lifestyle and Habits

Tobacco Smoking

I don't smoke cigarettes
My home is smoke-free
Family members and guests smoke outside
I stay away from second-hand smoke

Alcohol, Drugs and Caffeine

Ive reviewed my prescription medications with my doctor.
I read the labels of over-the-counter medicines such as aspirin, cold medications and natural remedies
I don't drink alcoholic drinks
I don't use drugs like marijuana and cocaine

Read more about building healthy sperm and things to reduce and avoid as you prepare to conceive.

Environment: Home and Work

I'm aware of the effect of chemicals at my workplace
I'm aware of the effects of chemicals in products I use at home.
I garden with gloves and avoid pesticides.

Relationships and Support System

I have friends and family I can share my feelings with
My partner and I have a solid, supportive relationship

Family Health

I know the health history of my family and my partner
I'm aware of certain genetic conditions and inherited diseases in my family and my partner's family

For more information:
Region of Peel — Public Health
905-799-7700 Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Caledon residents call free of charge at 905-584-2216

To speak with a Public Health Nurse

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Revised: Friday June 23 2017


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