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Winter road maintenance

Winter road safety is a top priority at the Region of Peel

The Region of Peel is responsible for clearing and maintaining 1666 lane kilometres of Regional Roads. We provide 24-hour immediate response to ice and snow events and will clear the snow to a bare pavement standard as approved by Regional Council to ensure safe driving conditions.

Bare pavement is achieved through plowing and the use of salt in an environmentally responsible manner. This means using the right amount of the right material, in the right place and at the right time.

Our anti-icing trucks start the anti-icing process on bridges and roadways at any time in the fall as air and road temperatures begin to approach freezing.

Liquid salt called brine helps prevent frost and black ice from forming. Applying liquid salt brine in this method reduces the impact on the environment, by optimizing salt usage and helps improve road safety.

Salt management plan

In 2005, the Region of Peel road operations developed a salt management plan which, by implementing other techniques to combat snow and ice, has decreased direct salt usage despite increasing roadway kilometres. Our Salt Management Plan follows Environment Canada's recommendations and guides how salt is used while ensuring safe driving conditions for travellers. It is our guide for using salt strategically and reducing the amount we need to apply.

We continue to research new methods and apply best practices to reduce the amount of salt used while maintaining a safe bare pavement standard including:

Learn more about the environmental impact of winter salt and tips to help manage salt usage.

Other new technology and best practices we use when prepping for winter weather include:

FAQ: Snow removal on regional roads

The Region and its local municipal partners (Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon) work together to coordinate winter road clearing activities to ensure efficient and effective services all along roads in Peel.

To learn more about winter maintenance on residential streets, sidewalks and trails, please visit your local city's website:

We can all help keep our community safe and winter operations running smoothly this season by following these tips during a snow event:

For snow clearing updates, follow us on Twitter @PeelPublicWorks.