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Development Charges

Development charges assist in funding capital projects required to meet the increased need for services resulting from growth and development. Development charge funds may only be used for the purpose for which they are collected.

Other information

The Council of the Regional Municipality of Peel passed Development Charges By-law 77-2020 (the “By-law”) on December 10, 2020. The By-law and the development charges rates came into effect on January 22, 2021.

The rates are subject to semi-annual indexing and are adjusted on February 1 and August 1 of each year commencing August 1, 2021, in accordance with the latest available issue of the Statistics Canada Quarterly, Non-Residential Building Construction Price Index, as prescribed by the Development Charges Act.

In accordance with the passing of Bill 23, More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022, Housing Services has been removed as a service in respect of which a development charge may be imposed. Effective November 29, 2022, this service will no longer be included as a Region of Peel Development Charge.

By-law 77-2020 was appealed to the Ontario Land Tribunal (“OLT”). On August 22, 2023, the OLT issued an order that the appeal is allowed in part and amended By-law 77-2020, including Region of Peel development charge rates.

Please refer to the section below for the current rates that are in effect.

February 1, 2024 – July 31, 2024


The Region of Peel also collects development charges for GO Transit services under a separate By-law.

Timing of Payment

The development charges imposed under these by-laws shall be payable on the date that the first permit under the Building Code Act is issued in relation to a building or structure on the land to which the development charge applies.

When development charges are Payable Pursuant to Subsection 6(1) where a residential development requires the approval of a plan of subdivision under Section 51 of the Planning Act or a consent under Section 53 of the Planning Act, the development charges imposed under By-law 77-2020 with respect to hard services as noted in Schedule A for (water, wastewater and services related to a highway – transportation) shall be payable immediately upon the owner entering into a subdivision agreement or a consent agreement.

To begin the payment process for residential hard service development charges as permitted under the DC By-law, please visit the links below:

Hard Service payments can be made by electronic funds transfer or wire transfer.

To help serve you better, please contact Development Financing.

DC Interest Rate Policy

When Development Charges are Payable Pursuant to Sections 26.1 and 26.2 Under the Development Charges Act, 1997 (“DC Act”)

Where Section 26.1 of the DC Act applies in respect of a development, the development charges are payable in annual installments in accordance with the requirements of Sub-section 26(3) of the DC Act.

  • Effective January 1, 2020, the Region’s DC Interest Rate Policy applies to the charging of interest, as permitted under sections 26.1 and 26.2 of the DC Act. By-law 21-2020 imposes interest charges on:
  • installment payments of development charges on development types pursuant to Section 26.1 of the DC Act; and on
  • development charges determined under the development charge by-law at the date of a site plan or rezoning application pursuant to Section 26.2 of the DC Act.

Local Services Policy

The Interim Financial Incentives Program is a Region of Peel grant-in-lieu program designed to provide financial relief to not-for-profit organizations building LTC and hospice developments in Peel. This relief will extend to development charges (DCs) imposed on developments that are not otherwise funded through Federal or Provincial funding.

Visit the Interim Financial Incentives Program page for more information about the program framework, eligibility, or to access the application form.

All inquiries and requests relating to compliance letters for plans of subdivision must be made to

A compliance letter processing fee of $165 per letter will be charged in accordance with the Region's Fees By-law 43-2002 (as amended). Payment can be made via credit card by e-mailing

Please note that the Region does not respond to requests for compliance with registered or unregistered easements. Should a letter still be required, the standard processing fee will apply.

Please allow up to 15 business days for a response.

For any questions, please contact us at

Section 43 of DCA 1997 requires that the Treasurer of each municipality provide annually to Council a financial statement relating to the development charge reserve funds further described in O.Reg. 82/98 Section 12 and 13, including: description of services funded under the municipalities development charge by-law; opening and closing balances; disclosure of all development charge credits issued that may affect reserve balances; and a list of projects that have been financed from development charge reserves.

The Development Charges Act, 1997 (DC Act) requires that the Region prepare a background study prior to passing a new development charge by-law.

This information herein is intended to provide general information regarding the Region of Peel's Development Charges By-law 77-2020 and 45-2001.

For more detailed information on the By-laws and how they may apply to your property, you are encouraged to contact the Regional Finance Department or your local municipality.

Region of Peel, Development Finance

City of Mississauga, Planning and Building Department
905-615-3200 Ext. 5523

City of Brampton, Finance Department
Colleen Durston 905-874-2255 
Maggie Huang 905-874-3349

Town of Caledon, Corporate Services Department
Glendon Turner 905-584-2272, Ext 4153

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