Collaborative Final Reporting

Instruction and Tip Sheet (PDF, 297KB)

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This tool is meant to derive the capacity level of agencies in terms of collaboration. Agencies rate how well they perform or accomplish the indicator statements. This level is quantifiable and could be documented and tracked over time to assess their level of maturity in the various dimensions.

The tool includes 11 statements on a 5 point scale, on a continuum from not meeting the performance requirement, to exceeding it.

The scale is defined as follows:

Rating Rating Description Detailed Information Rating View
1 We do not meet this performance requirement Substantial improvement needed. Major improvement needed
2 We marginally meet this performance requirement Meets some of this performance requirement, but struggles to meet it completely. Need to further develop and improve is clearly recognized. Some improvement needed
3 We meet this performance requirement Meets this performance requirement - no need for improvement recognized, and no performance beyond requirements is identified. Neither a strength nor development needed
4 We exceed this performance requirement Frequently exceeds performance requirements. Strong
5 We excel at this performance requirement Levels and accomplishments far exceed expectations on a consistent basis. Excellent

Indicators (Statement) Rating (1-5)
1 We have identified and engaged all the necessary stakeholders for our collaborative (agenda)
2 Our collaborative has well-established leadership
3 We have well-established and advanced buy-in and support from all members of the collaborative
4 We have clearly defined the complex social issue(s) we want to deal (are dealing) with
5 We use evidence to demonstrate the need for our action(s)
6 We have established a shared vision and/or common agenda
7 We have clearly laid out our operating procedures
8 We have well developed plans that are actionable
9 Our tasks and activities are properly coordinated
10 We openly communicate our results with all stakeholders (and this includes community)
11 We continuously monitor and regularly evaluate our activites


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