Region of Peel - Working for you
Region of Peel - Working for you

How to Sort Your Waste


What Do I Do With...?


  • *plasticpackagingbottles
  • 15 Litre Plastic Water Bottle (single use)
  • Aluminum foil plate
  • Aluminum pop, water, juice drink can
  • Aluminum trays and liners
  • Antifreeze Empty Container
  • Applesauce/jello/pudding cups (single serving)
  • Aseptic container/box (soy, milk, juice, water, soup, drinks)
  • Black plastic takeout trays
  • Boxboard
  • Bread bag
  • Bristol board/flip chart paper
  • Calendar
  • Cardboard box, baskets, cartons and/or paper bags
  • Cardboard carton
  • Catalogue
  • Cereal/pasta/cakemix box
  • Cigarette packages
  • Clear plastic egg carton
  • Coffee can
  • Computer paper
  • Construction and craft paper
  • Cookie, chocolate, toffee or biscuit tin
  • Cottage cheese tub
  • Detergent box
  • Dry cleaning bag
  • Empty prescription bottles
  • Envelope (with plastic window)
  • Envelope (without plastic window)
  • File folders
  • Flyers
  • Foam egg cartons
  • Food and snack cans (aluminum, steel, paperboard)
  • Frozen Dinner Plastic Food Tray
  • Frozen vegetable bag
  • Gift bag (rope removed, non metallic)
  • Gift Boxes
  • Gift card (with foil)
  • Gift card (without foil)
  • Gift wrapping paper (non-metallic)
  • Glass bottle
  • Glass coffee jar
  • Glass jar
  • Greeting card
  • Hardcover book and/or Bound Journals & note books
  • Household Cleanser bottle (empty)
  • Household paper/Printed papers
  • Iced cappucino/Slush/Slurpy cup and lid
  • Index card
  • Juice box (juice, wine, water, drinks, soup, broth)
  • Junk mail
  • Kleenex box with plastic film
  • Magazines and Catalogues
  • Margarine/cheese/cream cheese/tofu/ tubs & lids
  • Metal Coffee Can
  • Milk bag (rinsed) & transparent bags
  • Milk carton
  • Newspaper
  • Packing paper
  • Paint cans/metal cans (empty) and old metal water bottles
  • Paper egg carton/Take out coffee tray
  • Paper ice cream carton or tub
  • Paper roll & Coffee Cup sleeves
  • Paperboard or Spiral cans/Frozen juice cans/Puff Pastry and Nuts cans
  • Phone book
  • Pizza box (empty- no food residue or plastics)
  • Plastic Beer Cups and Plates
  • Plastic beverage container
  • Plastic Coffee Container
  • Plastic cookie, cracker bag and chocolate trays
  • Plastic film overwrap on cases of water/pop/juice/beverages/cat food/tuna and paper products
  • Plastic food & drink containers/Tupperware
  • Plastic Food Packaging (tubs and lids)
  • Plastic Grocery/Shopping Newspaper & Magazine bags
  • Plastic ice cream tub
  • Plastic jar
  • Plastic jug for detergent, laundry soap, fabric softener
  • Plastic packaging and bottles
  • Plastic packaging for fruit, vegetable and/or bakery containers, clamshell type
  • Plastic packaging including clam shell containers, domed lids and plastic liners
  • Plastic pail (less than 5 litres) in size
  • Plastic plant and flower pots, flats, cells or trays
  • Plastic sandwich bag, food packaging
  • Plastic soap bottle
  • Plastic water bottles (250 ml - 4 litres sizes)
  • Polystyrene and thermocol containers and plates
  • Polystyrene coffee cups
  • Postcard
  • Posters
  • Prepared food box
  • Printed paper
  • Produce and bulk food bags
  • Shampoo bottle
  • Shoe box
  • Sour cream/cottage cheese/cheese spread tub
  • Steel can (soup and other)
  • Sticky notes
  • Tissue box
  • Tissue wrapping paper/Crepe paper/Streamers
  • Toiletpaper tube
  • Water bottle (Brita type)
  • Wax carton or Gable top carton
  • White (granulated) paper sugar bags
  • White polystyrene foam packaging - blocks, sheets, and meat trays
  • Writing paper
  • Yogurt Beverage Container
  • Yogurt tub and lids

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