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    Accessibility Regulations for Contracted Services

    Accessibility Regulations for Contracted Services for contractors and vendors providing services on behalf of the Region of Peel.

    Accessibility Planning Program

    The Regional Accessibility Planning Program is part of the Clerk’s Division within Corporate Services. It is co-ordinated by our Accessibility Planning Specialist.

    The program’s primary objective is to ensure that Regional services, programs and facilities are and continue to become more inclusive and accessible for persons with disabilities.

    The Accessibility Planning Specialist works actively with Regional departments and with the Region of Peel Accessibility Advisory Committee to accomplish this objective.

    The 2013-2017 Multi-Year Accessibility Plan is the Region of Peel's first Multi-Year Accessibility Plan. Going forward, the Region of Peel will be required to review and update this plan once every five years and prepare an annual status report on the progress of measures taken to implement the strategies outlined in the Plan.

    • If you require the plan in an accessible format or would like to provide feedback about accessible customer service, please contact our Accessibility Planning Specialist.

    Be Prepared to Assist in an Emergency | Assisting people with disabilities booklet (PDF 315KB, 10 pages)

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    Accessibility Plans

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