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    Appendix III

    This section highlights departmental activities advancing accessibility within the Region. Regional staff continues to demonstrate commitment to persons with disabilities either as individuals or as part of the project teams that focus on improving access to regional programs, services and facilities.

    David Szwarc, Region of Peel Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), was a member of a Canadian delegation to the International Workshop on Equity and Diversity in the Public Service in Brasilia, Brazil in May 2009, sponsored through a partnership between the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) and Escola Nacional de Administracao Publica (ENAP). As a presenter, David shared his experience and knowledge related to the work at the municipal level of government in promoting equity and diversity including disability. With his collogues in Brazil, David shared our broad definition of diversity, which included disability when speaking of diversity. His presentation focused on organizational change, the management of change and the use of training in promoting equity and increasing the diversity of the civil service to reflect the composition of the public it serves.

    Regional office of the Ministry of Youth and Children services invited the Accessibility Planning Specialist, Meenu Sikand and Richard Ngun, Project Manager, Employee and Business Services to share regional integrated approach to accessibility planning and the Region of Peel’s recently developed Universal Accessibility Standards (UAS) for new affordable housing projects.

    Our AAC members, Naz Husain and Glenn Barnes, have worked diligently on provincial Accessibility Standards Development Committees (SDC) for Employment and Transportation. Their personal and professional experiences in these two areas were instrumental in their appointment on the SDCs. We were fortunate to receive ongoing development details of the Standard Development process from both of them at our monthly AAC meetings. They also shared their individual and committees perspectives on the challenges and rewards with being involved in the process.

    Guided by the vision of the AAC and the AODA the Regional Accessibility Planning Program was able to meet and exceed its mandate of improving accessibility and raising awareness among staff. The Region is privileged to have accesses to such a dedicated group of volunteers as part of its AAC.

    The following is a detailed outlined of seven regional initiatives that had a significant focus on enhancing accessibility for persons with disabilities as part of their deliverables.

    2009 NAAW Celebration
    Jeff Payne, Deputy Regional Clerk and Acting Director, Clerk’s Division (L) and William Goursky, Chair of Accessibility Advisory Committee (R) Welcomed Staff at 2009 NAAW Celebration

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