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    Development Services

    Development Services reviews development applications and provides official clearance of proposals and required conditions for all new development and redevelopment projects.

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    Regional Planning and Growth Management

    Regional Planning and Growth Management develops plans and policies to ensure the Regionís services, growth and development are planned and managed to achieve a healthy sustainable Region for current and future generations. These responsibilities include; updating the Regional Official Plan, managing the Strategic Planning Process such as Strategic Plan renewal, Term of Council Priorities and performance reporting, and managing the Peel Data Centre.

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    Transportation Planning plays a key role in ensuring that we support growth in the Region, while building healthy communities, respecting the environment, supporting economic growth, encouraging sustainable development and managing traffic congestion.

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    Teaching Planning in Peel

    We invite you to bring the worlds of urban and regional planning as well as transportation planning into your classroom, community or educational environment.
    Our teaching resources on the subject of planning have been created by teachers for teachers.

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Data Portal

North West Brampton Policy Area Review

North West Brampton Policy Area Review
The Region of Peel is undertaking a policy review to determine if it is in the public interest to revise the Regional Official Plan shale protection policies for North West Brampton.

Regulating Retail Business Holiday Shopping

Regulating Retail Business Holiday Shopping
The Region is developing a “made-in-Peel” approach to regulate retail business openings on holidays through policy review and consultation with the public and industry stakeholders.

2017 Measuring and Monitoring Report

2017 Measuring and Monitoring Report
The Region of Peel Official Plan Measuring and Monitoring Report (2017) provides a progress update on the achievement of planning outcomes related to the objectives and policies in the Official Plan which together support a vibrant, successful and sustainable Region.

Ninth Line Lands

Implementing Growth Plan Joint Study
A proposed Regional Official Plan Amendment to include the Ninth Line Lands in the Urban Boundary and to establish a planning framework.

2018 Employment Survey Bulletin

Implementing Growth Plan Joint Study
The 2018 Employment Survey Bulletin provides an overview of employment survey results from Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon. Survey data is used to monitor employment trends, analyze business sectors, and contribute to policy development.

Peel 2051: Regional Official Plan Review

Implementing Growth Plan Joint Study
The Region of Peel is currently updating its Official Plan in order to reflect updates in Provincial policies such as the Growth Plan and the Provincial Policy Statement and to advance land use planning in the Region.

Implementing Growth Plan Joint Study

Implementing Growth Plan Joint Study
The Regional Planning Commissioners of Ontario, the Regional Public Works Commissioners of Ontario, and the Ontario Regional and Single Tier Treasurers prepared a joint report on Implementing the Growth Plan highlighting key challenges and opportunities in eight Greater Golden Horseshoe municipalities, including the Region of Peel, to provide input and recommendations to the Province on the 2015 Growth Plan review.

Climate Change

Professor's Lake, Brampton
Climate change refers to significant changes in averages of daily
weather over an extended period of time. Climate change affects our natural ecosystem. Together with our partners - and through proactive public policy in Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga - we're preparing strategies to combat climate change in Peel.


Transportation Planning
Transportation Planning is updating the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) to support transportation policies in the Regional Official Plan, provide a vision for transportation in Peel, and provide the Regional road network plan for 2021 and 2031.

Region of Peel Wastewater Study

Wastewater study
The Region of Peel Economic Study: Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Investment Beyond 2031 Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) Award for Planning Excellence! The CIP recognizes twelve urban planning-related projects, annually, based on their innovation, their impact on the profession, implementation potential, and overall presentation. The Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Investment Beyond 2031 Study was awarded under the category of Sustainability, Mobility, Transportation, and Infrastructure. The recipients are announced at each annual CIP conference. The 2015 conference is being held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. You can read the Study by visiting the CIP awards page!

Proposed Bolton Residential Expansion

bolton map
The Region of Peel is considering the application in accordance with the Planning Act, Regional Official Plan, applicable Provincial plans and policies, and Provincially Facilitated settlement of Regional Official Plan Amendment 28 (South Albion-Bolton Employment Lands and North Hill Supermarket).

Grown in Peel

Ken Speirs Orchards in Caledon
From apples to zucchini, local produce tastes great and is good for you. Best of all, its close to home when it's in season and at its best.

Walk + Roll Peel

Water Front Trail, Mississauga
Walk + Roll Peel encourages walking and cycling, promotes trails and paths in Peel and helps make walking and cycling an appealing recreation and transportation choice.

Long Range Transportation

Transportation Planning
Long Range Transportation Plan develops transportation policies, plans, designs, programs, budgets and priorities to support a safe, efficient, reliable and sustainable transportation system in Peel to streamline the movement of people and goods.


Development Applications
Development Services reviews development applications and gives Regional comments (official clearance of proposals and required conditions) on all new development and redevelopment proposals.


10 Peel Centre Drive
The Data Portal provides a central place to access data about Peel. We have information on topics such as demographics, population, housing, economic activity, and the operations of the Region.


Springdale Woods in Brampton
An environmental assessment (EA) is a study and a planning process. It studies the impacts and benefits of a project on the environment before the project starts. In Ontario, the Environmental Assessment Act (EAA) guides how and when an EA should happen. The purpose of the EAA is to protect, preserve and manage Ontario's environment.

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