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Service providers and partners

If you are a licensed child care service provider, we have resources to help.

Reopening child care programs

We've created information to support training and protect the health and safety of staff, children and families. Access the following resources for:

Starting a licensed child care program

If you care for more than 5 children under the age of 13 years who have different parents, you must be licensed as a child care provider under the Child Care and Early Years Act.

Child care licensing

EYCCS fee subsidy and funding agreement

Since COVID-19 started, the demand and enrolment for fee subsidy has decreased significantly. As a result, we’re currently not accepting applications.

Learn more about the EYCCS fee subsidy and funding agreement.

Funding support for professionals and service providers

Early Years System updates

Find updates and announcements for Early Years and Child Care Services programs.

Early Years System updates

Child care service provider's handbook

This handbook provides you with information on your responsibilities as a service provider, and outlines support you can receive from the Region of Peel to help you meet your objectives.

Service provider's handbook

Partnership handbook - for school-based early years and child care partners

The Peel Partnership Handbook supports collaborative and positive working relationships among school staff, early years and child care providers, and other community programs. This helps for seamless transition between the school day and the early years and child care programs in the school.

Partnership handbook

Peel's Early Learning and Child Care funding and policy framework

Find information, including council reports, on funding for the Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) System.

Peel's Early Learning and Child Care funding and policy framework

Success By 6

Find information on the community planning table for the early years and child care system, dedicated to integrating and strengthening services for young children and their families across Peel.

Success By 6

Volunteer and student employment opportunities

We’re currently not accepting student placements due to COVID-19 restrictions.