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Construction in Peel

An overview of the construction process in Peel

Year-round construction is necessary to build new infrastructure and update and maintain Peel's sewers and roads. Learn about the construction planning process.

Who owns what?

Homeowners, the city or town and the Region are responsible for different parts of a property’s infrastructure. Homeowners are responsible for maintaining the pipes inside their home and outside up to the property line.

Work zone safety

A work zone is an area on, under or adjacent to a road where construction or maintenance is happening. The Region of Peel, our contractors and all road users can work together to ensure everyone’s safety while travelling through these areas.

Learn about how to play a part in protecting work crews.

Owner-initiated local improvements

Property owners can start a local improvement project by submitting a letter or application to the Region.

Get details on the local improvement process and who qualifies for this type of work.