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Mentoring program supports new Canadians in Peel

The Region of Peel has partnered with United Way of Peel Region and Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, to fund an exciting new program for internationally trained professional newcomers.

The Mentoring Partnership was officially launched in Peel this year at an event hosted by Baxter Pharmaceuticals who are taking the lead on promoting mentoring within their corporation. The Mentoring Partnership involves a program that matches skilled immigrants with established professionals in the same occupation.

Councillor Mahoney opened the February 28 th launch with an informative speech highlighting the need to support new immigrants to secure employment in their own fields.

“In Peel Region alone, right now, there are thousands of internationally educated professionals not allowed to reach their full potential. There are doctors in our communities who could be treating our elderly. There are engineers in our communities who could be building our roads. There are teachers in our communities who could be instructing our children.”

Social Services Commissioner David Szwarc, second from the left, joined other leaders from partner agencies. (L to R) Barbara Janik, Manager of Employment Programs, Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre; David Szwarc; Frances Young, Employment Services Coordinator, Caledon Community Services; Maureen Tymkow, Mentoring Facilitator, Caledon Community Services; Maria Nunes, Mentoring Facilitator, Brampton Neighbourhood Resource Centre

David Szwarc. Commissioner of Social Services has stepped forward to be mentor and to champion this amongst other senior professionals within Peel, “The success of our Regional economy is affected by the ability of newcomers to use their skills and experience in appropriate jobs. Mentoring is a proven strategy to help ensure their success, by closing knowledge gaps and creating networks and links to the labour market.” David said.

Other prominent civic leaders have come forward to be mentors and to be champions. Included among them are:

  • Harold Brathwaite, Executive Director, Retired Teachers Ontario
  • Paula DeCoito , Executive Director, Social Planning Council of Peel
  • Rabiz Foda, Vice-president, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Alumni Association of Canada
  • Jim Grieve, Director of Education, Peel District School Board
  • Barbara Leavitt, President, Baxter Corporation
  • Sheldon Leiba, General Manager, Brampton Board of Trade

In Peel Region , The Mentoring Partnership operates through the following community agencies: Brampton Neighborhood Resource Centre; Caledon Community Services; Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre; and Malton Neighbourhood Services. New immigrants can sign up with the program through one of these agencies closest to them.

Those interested in becoming a mentor can sign on to the mentoring partnership website and complete an online application and the process of matching will unfold.

Right now there are hundreds of mentees waiting to be matched with engineers, IT professionals and finance professionals. Think about signing up today!!!

More information about the Partnership is available from:





Revised: Wednesday September 06 2017

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