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Curriculum Expectations

Grade 5 - Virtual Waste Reduction Workshops

Grade Five Curriculum Connections:

Grade 5 Science and Technology – Understanding Earth and Space Systems

1.0 analyze the immediate and long-term effects of energy and resource use on society and the environment, and evaluate options for conserving energy and resources

1.1 analyze the long-term impacts on society and the environment of human uses of energy and natural resources , and suggest ways to reduce these impacts


Grade 5 Science and Technology – Understanding Matter and Energy

1.0 evaluate the social and environmental impacts of processes used to make everyday products

1.2 assess the social and environmental impact of using processes that rely on chemical changes to produce consumer products, taking different perspectives into account  and make a case for maintaining the current level of use of the product or for reducing it

Social Studies—People and Environments: The Role of Government and Responsible Citizenship

B1.3 create a plan of action to address an environ­mental issue of local, provincial/territorial, and/or national significance, specifying the actions to be taken by the appropriate government or governments, including Indigenous governments, as well as by citizens

B3.8 explain why different groups may have different perspectives on specific social and environmental issues (e.g., why oil industry representatives, farmers, environmentalists, and the Alberta government might differ on development of the oil sands; why the federal government and First Nations band councils might have different perspectives on housing problems on reserves)

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