Long Term Care

Meet Our Care Team

Our team of qualified professionals create a nurturing, caring environment.

Our staff members offer a variety of distinct job skills and experiences.

Working together with service providers from the community, our team of qualified professionals create a nurturing, caring environment for our residents and Adult Day participants.

General health and well-being

Medical care

Operations and maintenance


General health and well-being

Nursing attendants

Nursing attendants help residents with activities of daily living throughout the day.

Specifically, nursing attendants:

  • Help residents with personal hygiene needs such as washing, bathing, dressing and grooming.
  • Accompany residents to the dining room and to various activities.
  • Help feed residents at meal times.
  • Record information about a resident’s well-being and status during the day and report any changes to registered nursing staff.

Dietary aides and cooks

Dietary aides not only set tables, show meal choices and serve meals to residents, but also ensure that residents have a pleasant dining experience.

The Dietary Service team knows each resident’s dietary needs and preferences, such as food textures, food intolerances, allergies and likes and dislikes.

Our cooks prepare meals in accordance with residents’ dietary needs, cultural and meal preferences.

Activation staff

Exercise in the morning, baking or bingo in the afternoon, a movie after dinner – our activation staff makes it all happen!

Our activation therapists develop and organize engaging, stimulating programs that keep residents busy and energetic during the day. A calendar of activities is posted in advance and shared with families, who are always welcome to join in.

Social workers

Social workers:

  • Work with residents and their families to support our residents’ social and emotional well-being and enhance their care.
  • Give individual counselling to residents and families, promote holistic approaches to care and advocate on our residents’ behalf.

Residents and families are introduced to their social worker when the resident is admitted.

Exercise programPhysiotherapists and rehabilitation professionals

Physiotherapists assess our residents’ abilities and design exercise programs to help increase and maintain their strength and co-ordination.

Each home has a designated physiotherapy room with a variety of rehabilitation and exercise equipment. Physiotherapy can also take place in a resident’s room.

All of our homes have rehabilitation professionals who are part of our care team.

Specialty healthcare providers

Specialists from the community visit our homes to provide foot care, dental care and audiology, optometry, x-ray and laboratory services. The level of these services — and how often they’re provided — depends on the individual needs of residents.

Spiritual care

Our homes offer a range of multi-faith, spiritual and personal services through our chaplain, local clergy and faith group representatives. Each of our homes features a room specifically designed for spiritual activities.

Medical care

Director of Care

A Director of Care leads a team of Registered Nurses (RNs), Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) and nursing attendants to ensure that our residents’ medical and personal care needs are being met.

Registered Nurses (RNs) and Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs)

Our Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses play an important leadership role in the care of our residents. They help deliver the highest standard of care to every person every day.

Our registered staff use their precise knowledge of each resident’s abilities and needs to create an individualized plan of care.

Both RNs and RPNs work closely with attending physicians and the Medical Director of each home, updating them regularly on changes in each resident’s health.

Registered staff are skilled in a variety of treatment and support strategies such as:

  • Carrying out nursing assessments.
  • Taking blood pressure.
  • Giving medication.
  • Monitoring residents on oxygen.
  • Making sure residents get their appropriate meals.
  • Talking to residents about specific health conditions and health-related topics.

Attending physicians and Medical Director

Our Medical Directors and attending physicians work with staff to ensure that residents get appropriate medical care.


Business office

Our business office team are always available to help residents, families and visitors. For example, if a resident needs money from an account or has a question about taxes, the business office is the place to go.

Operations and maintenance

Housekeeping and laundry 

Our housekeeping and laundry staff keep things clean and organized in our homes.

Our housekeeping teams clean residents’ rooms and other common areas.

Our laundry teams collect clothes to be washed and deliver fresh linens to each unit and personal clothing to each resident’s room. They also label residents’ personal clothing items.

General maintenance 

Maintenance team members fix things around the home, move furniture and TVs in our residents’ rooms and help residents move into their new space. They also help make the interior and the outdoors look their best at all times.

Revised: Friday February 17 2023

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