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A September 2021 Office Consolidation and associated mapping has been prepared to reflect recent decisions on Regional Official Plan Amendments 30, 32, 33 and 34.

New Region of Peel Official Plan (April 2022)

On April 28, 2022, Regional Council passed By-law 20-2022 to adopt a new Region of Peel Official Plan, which is currently awaiting Provincial approval. Download the new Official Plan on our Draft Policies and Mapping page.

The new Official Plan will come into force and effect on the day after Provincial approval is issued. The 1996 Region of Peel Official Plan, as amended (The September 2021 Office Consolidation below), will be repealed on that day.

Text, schedules and figures

The information contained in The Regional Municipality of Peel’s Official Plan Office Consolidation represents the most accurate information at the date of publication. Users are advised that the text and policies in the Official Plan may change without notice, and that mapping is conceptual. The Region does not certify the accuracy of the information provided. Any reliance placed by the user on the information provided herein is strictly at the risk of the user, and the Region of Peel does not assume responsibility for any loss or damages resulting to the user or any third party by reliance on this information. Residents are encouraged to contact the Region’s Planning Department at or (905) 791-7800-ext. 4347 directly for any questions related to the Official Plan or the Region’s policies.


The information on the maps listed has been prepared as a reference for consultation purposes only. The proposed maps give visualization of proposed policy areas and do not represent adopted, approved or in-effect mapping.

The in-effect Official Plan schedules and figures, adopting by-law itself and any amending by-laws or Local Planning Appeal Tribunal decisions must be consulted for the official data. See the Official Plan maps for all in-effect maps.

Schedule and figures may be updated to address minor errors.

Schedule A Core Areas of the Greenlands Systems in Peel
Schedule B Prime Agricultural Area
Schedule C High Potential Mineral Aggregate Resource Areas
Schedule D
Regional Structure
Schedule D
(In effect)
Regional Structure
Schedule D1 Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan Area (ORMCPA) Land Use Designations
Schedule D2 Aquifer Vulnerability Areas in Peel for the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan Area (ORMCPA)
Schedule D3 Greenbelt Plan Area Land Use Designations
Schedule D4 The Growth Plan Policy Areas in Peel
Schedule E
Major Road Network
Schedule E
(In effect)
Major Road Network
Schedule F Regional Road Mid-Block Right-of-Way Requirements
Schedule G Rapid Transit Corridors
Schedule H Toronto Pearson International Airport Operating Area
Figure 1 Peel Region within the Greater Toronto Area
Figure 2 Selected Areas of Provincial Interest
Figure 3 Watershed Boundaries
Figure 4 Population and Employment Growth in Peel Region
Figure 5 Criteria and Thresholds for the Identification of Significant Wildlife Habitat
Figure 6 Aircraft Noise Exposure Composite Contours (Toronto-Lester B. Pearson International Airport)
Figure 7 Population by Age Structure in Peel Region
Figure 8 Home Languages: Peel Region and Ontario
Figure 9 Existing Water and Wastewater Facilities
Figure 10 Waste Management Sites
Figure 11 Toronto Pearson International Airport Operating Area
Figure 12 Landform Conservation Areas in Peel for the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan Area (ORMCPA)
Figure 13 Wellhead Protection Areas in Peel for the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan Area (ORMCPA)
Figure 14 Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan Area (ORMCPA) Partial Service Areas
Figure 17 Annual Minimum New Housing Unit Targets by Area Municipality

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