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Aggregates resources and excess soil

We’re reviewing Regional Official Plan mineral aggregates resources and excess soil management policies.

Notice of Decision – Approval of the Region of Peel Official Plan

On November 4, 2022, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing issued a decision to approve the new Region of Peel Official Plan (RPOP) with 44 modifications. Download the Notice of Decision. Learn more about the Notice of Decision.

The new RPOP, as modified, came into effect as of November 4, 2022, replacing the previous Region of Peel Official Plan. The Minister's decision is final and there are no appeals.

The approved RPOP with Provincial modifications can be found on the Download the Peel Regional Official Plan page.

Regional Council Adoption of the new Region of Peel Official Plan

Regional Council passed By-law 20-2022 to adopt the new RPOP on April 28, 2022.

The Council Adopted RPOP was submitted to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for approval.

Email Planning and Development Services to join our notification list, and stay up to date on the new RPOP.

A mineral aggregate resource is the technical name for sand, gravel or crushed stone used in construction.

Peel’s aggregate resource base is made up of loose sands and gravels, shale, sandstone and dolostone. We use aggregate to build roads, infrastructure and homes.

High Potential Mineral Aggregate Resource Areas (HPMARA) are areas that identify significant deposits of mineral aggregate resources.

We’re committed to:

Our Regional Official Plan recognizes mineral aggregates resources as an important part of Peel’s economy.

As part of the Peel 2051: Regional Official Plan Review, we’re reviewing aggregates resource policies and mapping to:

We’re working with partners and stakeholders to acknowledge aggregate resources as a contributor to Peel’s economy while protecting Peel’s communities.

Excess soil is soil that has been excavated, typically during construction, that must be moved off-site because it will not be reused at the development site.  The Region of Peel has areas where excess soil is produced through excavation projects and accommodated at receiving sites.

We’re committed to:

The land use planning and development processes provide opportunities to implement excess soil conservation and management best practices.
As a part of the Peel 2051 Regional Official Plan Review, reviewing excess soil policies to:

Aggregate Resources - Related Council & Committee Reports and Presentation

An update related to the Aggregate Resources and Excess Soil Focus Area has been provided to Regional Council and the Planning and Growth Management Committee (PGMC) in 2021. The report is provided for reference below:

Supporting documents

For more information, email Regional Planning or call (905) 791-7800 ext. 4350.