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Agriculture and rural systems

We are reviewing and updating the agricultural and rural areas policies in the Regional Official Plan.

Peel 2051 updates

On April 28, 2022, Regional Council passed By-law 20-2022 to adopt the new Region of Peel Official Plan (RPOP), which is currently awaiting Provincial approval. Download the new RPOP on our Draft policies and mapping page.

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About agriculture system policies

Agriculture plays a significant role in:

In 2017, Provincial planning policy strengthened support for agriculture and incorporated an Agricultural System approach.

In 2018, the Province released agricultural land base mapping for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, implementing the Agricultural System approach and identifying Prime Agricultural Areas for protection.

Peel 2051 proposed policies would:

The proposed food and organic wastes policies included in the first draft of the Agricultural System policies have been moved to the Waste Management Section of the Plan.

About rural system policies

Rural Peel is important to Peel's economy, environmental health, sustainability and quality of life.

Peel 2051 proposed policies would:

Agriculture and Rural Systems Related Council & Committee Reports and Presentation

Updates on items related to the Agriculture and Rural Systems focus were provided to Regional Council and the Planning and Growth Management Committee (PGMC) throughout 2021. These reports and presentations are provided for reference below:

Supporting documents

The following technical studies were conducted in partnership with the Town of Caledon and involved extensive stakeholder consultation:

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