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Climate change

Policies in the Regional Official Plan related to the larger theme of climate change are being reviewed.

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Public open houses were held online for growth related focus area draft policies and settlement area boundary draft technical studies between September 21st through October 1st.

Due to Covid-19 related restrictions, the public joined various online forums to learn about the proposed policy changes and engage with staff. Past consultation materials can be found under Upcoming Consultations.

Hotter drier summers, wetter winters and more extreme weather events are predicted to occur more frequently in Peel.

These changes are expected to impact:

As Peel's population grows, more people will be exposed to risks and vulnerabilities caused by our changing climate.

Climate Change discussion paper:

Peel 2041 proposed policies would:

Learn more about the Region’s actions on climate change.

Supporting documents

Climate Change discussion paper (PDF)
Climate Change fact sheet (PDF)
Community Greenhouse Gas and Criteria Air Containment Inventory, 2006 (PDF)

For more information, email Regional Planning or call (905) 791-7800 ext. 8470.