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We are reviewing and updating the policies in the Regional Official Plan on Regional transportation initiatives.


The Region of Peel’s transportation network is one of the most travelled in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) and therefore plays a vital role for moving people and goods both within and beyond Peel. To accommodate forecasted growth identified in the 2020 A Place to Grow Growth Plan, the Region of Peel is focusing on providing a network that balances the needs of moving goods and all road users through road improvements, sustainable transportation infrastructure, and major provincial infrastructure. Moving forward, the Region of Peel has adopted the 50 percent sustainable mode share target that offers viable travel options to pedestrians, cyclists, transit-users, and motorists.

The Transportation component of Peel 2041+: Regional Official Plan Review will take into account recently adopted studies and strategic plans, including:

The update will take input from the Region's Growth Management Strategy work and also involve the review and revision of current policies. The review and update draw from Provincial policies to ensure conformity as well as Regional plans and studies to reflect Peel’s transportation initiatives.

Key deliverables for this project include updated draft transportation policies for the Regional Official Plan and revised transportation Schedules and Figures.

Regional staff will work with the area municipalities, the Province and other organizations on this review and update.

Next Steps

Various working sessions, stakeholder and agency engagements, and virtual consultations have been held to discuss comments. As an outcome, the draft transportation policies are updated. Through the December 10, 2020 Peel 2041+ Report to Regional Council, a brief update on emerging policy directions for transportation has also been included. Moving forward, Regional staff will continue to work with local municipalities, stakeholders, and the public to revise transportation policies, schedules, and figures based on feedback received, with the objective of finalizing the draft policies in 2021.

Relevant Links

Virtual Fall 2020 consultation sessions

Draft Transportation System Policies in Proposed ROP Section 5.10

Draft Regional Road Right-of Way Requirement Policies in Proposed ROP Section 7.9

The Draft Transportation ROPA – 2017

On October 26, 2017, Regional Council directed staff to proceed to a statutory public meeting and open houses on the Transportation draft Regional Official Plan Amendment (ROPA) .

The scheduled Public Meeting was cancelled due to Provincial changes. The Region will advise the public when the cancelled Public Meeting of Regional Council has been rescheduled.
Previous consultation materials.

Based on the 2017 draft policies, the following table addresses all comments and formal submissions received from stakeholders and members of the public between January 2015 and December 2018:

Many of these comments and responses below were provided under an old Provincial planning and policy framework, prior to the Provincial changes. The draft policies being considered from time will be updated and brought forward as part of Peel 2041.

Supporting documents

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