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Water resources

Policies related to water resources are being reviewed and updated

Peel 2051 updates

On April 28, 2022, Regional Council passed By-law 20-2022 to adopt the new Region of Peel Official Plan (RPOP), which is currently awaiting Provincial approval. Download the new RPOP on our Draft policies and mapping page.

Email Regional Planning and Growth Management to join our notification list, and stay up to date on the new RPOP.

Peel's water resources help sustain social, economic and environmental wellbeing. We updated the Region's Official Plan policies as best practice guidance and provincial policies for protecting water resources advance.

The new Region of Peel Official Plan:

Water Resources - Related Council & Committee Reports and Presentation

An update related to the Water Resources focus area was provided to Regional Council and the Planning and Growth Management Committee (PGMC) in 2021. The report is provided for reference below:

Supporting documents

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