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Images from Peel Region

General Planning Publications

Introduction (PDF 104KB, 2 pages)
What is a Region (PDF 406KB, 2 pages)
Historic Settlement Patterns and From County to Region (PDF 240KB, 2 pages)
Creation of Regional Government (PDF 275KB, 2 pages)
Water (PDF 337KB, 2 pages)
Woodlands (PDF 447KB, 2 pages)
Wetlands (PDF 361KB, 2 pages)
Agriculture/Soils (PDF 260KB, 2 pages)
Landform (PDF 348KB, 2 pages)
Geology/Mineral Aggregates and Land Use 1974 (PDF 405KB, 2 pages)
Land Use 1999 (PDF 364KB, 2 pages)
Transportation (PDF 350KB, 2 pages)
Water/Wastewater Services (PDF 433KB, 2 pages)
Waste Management (PDF 316KB, 2 pages)
Landmarks and Geographic Information System (PDF 487KB, 3 pages)
Growth of the Region and Acknowledgments (PDF 443KB, 3 pages)

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Revised: Wednesday July 09 2008

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