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Additional Data Holdings

The Peel Data Centre contains a wealth of Census and other demographic and economic data. It would be impossible to post all of the data on this website. Many of our other data holdings are described below.

Please note that these datasets are available for different geographies (or areas). Each dataset description contains a list of available geographies. Clicking on a geography name will display its definition. Maps of each geography can be found in our Maps of Analysis Areas section.

All of the datasets listed below are from Statistics Canada. Licensing arrangements do not allow us to distribute entire data sets, but we may be able to provide small excerpts of this data. Please contact us if you would like more information.


Complete Area Profile

This is the most common census-related dataset available from Statistics Canada. Most of the census tables on the website were created from this dataset. The profiles contain data on the following general topics:

  • Age and sex
  • Families and Household Living Arrangements
  • Citizenship, Immigration and Languages Spoken
  • Labour Force Activity and Education Levels
  • Income
  • Religion

Complete Area Profile data is available for Canada, Provinces and Territories, CMAs, CDs, CSDs, CTs and DAs.

Target Group Profiles

Target Group Profiles contain most of the variables in the Complete Area Profiles but focus on specific demographic groups. Target Group Profiles include data only for individuals, not families or households. We currently have target group profile data for the following demographic groups:

  • Aboriginals
  • Female-Led Lone Parent Families
  • Francophones
  • Persons Aged 65 and Over
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Recent Immigrants
  • Visible Minorities

This dataset is available for Canada, Provinces and Territories, CSDs and CTs.

Cross Tabulations

Cross tabulations are useful when you would like to examine one variable by one or more variables. For example, a cross tabulation would be useful if you wanted to know how many immigrants between the ages of 15 and 64 were in the labour force. The Peel Data Centre has cross-tabulations for most of the variables in the Complete Area Profile as well as a set of cross tabulations called the Urban Poverty Project. This dataset cross tabulates the LICO (Low Income Cut-Off) measure of poverty with economic and demographic variables (such as employment income, school attendance and age. The majority of cross tabulations are available for Canada, Provinces and Territories, CMAs, CDs, CSDs, CTs, and DAs.

 Economic Activity

Canadian Business Patterns

This dataset is sometimes called the “Canadian Business Register”. It contains demographic data on businesses (such as size and North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) type) collected by Statistics Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency. This dataset is available for Canada, Provinces and Territories, CMAs, CDs, CSDs, CTs, and DAs

Income Trends in Canada

This dataset contains data on income types (earnings, market income, government transfers, before and after tax income, and the amount of taxes paid) for economic families and unattached individuals. Data from 1980 – 2002 are available for Canada, Provinces and CMAs.

Labour Force Survey

This dataset is also known as the 'Labour Force Historical Review'. It contains basic labour force statistics (such as employment rate, unemployment rate and participation rate) as well as data on wages, hours worked, industry / occupation classification, and hours lost from work. The Labour Force Survey is available for Canada, provinces and CMAs.

Survey on Household Spending

This dataset tracks the spending habits of Canadians. It includes household and dwelling characteristics as well as a comprehensive list of household expenditures in categories such as food, shelter, furnishings, transportation and recreation. The Survey on Household Spending is available for Canada, Provinces and CMAs.


Tax Filer Data

This dataset is also known as Small Area and Administrative Data (or SAAD). It contains data on income sources and types, economic dependency and family structure. This dataset is available for Canada, Provinces, CMAs, CDs, FEDs, FSAs and rural postal codes.

Canadian Crime Statistics

This dataset contains an inventory of police-reported crime in Canada by type of offence and the number of persons charged with a given offence, by sex and minority status. This dataset is available for Canada, Provinces and Territories, CMAs and police force jurisdictions.

Annual Demographic Statistics

This dataset contains demographic data (such as age groups, sex, births, deaths, fertility, marriages and divorces) as well as population estimates (which are based on demographic data and migration data). A number of governmental agencies (such as the provincial and territorial vital statistics registries, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency and the Canadian Department of Justice) contribute data to this publication. Annual Demographic Statistics are released annually. This dataset is available for Canada, Provinces, CMAs and CDs.