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Does the Peel Data Centre Website feature all of the data from the Region of Peel?

It would be nearly impossible to put all of our data on the Website.

If you do not find the facts or figures you are looking for here, visit our Additional Data Holdings section.

What is the Land Area of Peel?

The land area of Peel is 1,225 square kilometres. The land area for the area municipalities can be found in the 2001 Population Density table.

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Do you have any data for smaller areas like neighbourhoods?

Yes, you will find data for smaller areas (or geographies) in the Additional Data Holdings section.

What is Census Day?

Canadians complete and mail their census forms to Statistics Canada on Census Day.

Assigning one day as Census Day means that all the information that changes with time (such as age, labour force status and household living arrangements) is collected on the same day.

The Census Day for the 2001 Census was May 15, 2001. The Census Day for the 2006 Census is scheduled for May 16, 2006.

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How often is Census data collected and released?

Statistics Canada collects census data every five years. Census data was last collected in 2001. The data is released a year or more after it is collected, depending on the topic.

Where can I find this year's population counts?

The population of Peel and its area municipalities is counted only once every five years. You will find population estimates for Peel Region until the year 2031 in our Forecasts section.

What's the difference between a single response and a multiple response?

In some Census questionnaire sections residents can enter multiple answers for a question. A good example is the 'home languages' section, which asks which languages a person speaks at home on a regular basis.

In some homes only one language is spoken. This would be considered a single response. In other homes, several languages are spoken. This would be considered a multiple response.

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Are there different kinds of Census questionnaires?

There are two different census questionnaires: a long version and a short version.

All of the data that is collected on the short questionnaire is also collected on the long questionnaire. One in every five households (or 20% of the population) receives the long questionnaire, which asks detailed questions regarding immigration, ethnicity, family structure, tenure, education and income.

Source: Statistics Canada's 2001 Census Dictionary