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Winter road maintenance

The Region of Peel clears and maintains more than 1,600 km of Regional roads.

We provide 24 hour immediate response to ice and snow events, clearing the snow on Regional roads to a bare pavement standard to keep roads safe for driving.

We meet bare pavement standards through plowing and using road salt responsibly. This means using the right amount of the right material, in the right place at the right time.

Our Salt Management Plan guides us in using salt strategically and reducing the amount we need to apply.

Learn how to manage your pavement salt use this winter.  

Salters are sent out at the start of the storm, and plows are sent to clear the roads when the snow on the roads is accumulating faster than the salt can melt it away.

We are responsible for clearing Regional roads which are the main roads that carry high volume traffic and generally have higher driving speeds than local roads.

Our local municipal partners - Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga clear local and residential streets and sidewalks.

About driveway and sidewalk clearing:

  • The Region tries to minimize the amount of snow we plow into driveways that face regional roads. We don't clear driveways.
  • The plows do not lift its wing blade when clearing in front of driveways. Lifting the wing over and over would cause too many delays when clearing all the snow from our roads. This loss of time would increase costs to clear the roads.
  • If the snow is piled too high at the end of your driveway, and you can’t see to exit your driveway safely, you can call us at 905-791-7800. A roads supervisor will investigate the situation and have the snow moved if the situation is unsafe.
  • If you believe that personal property was damaged during snow removal, contact the Risk Management Office at 905-791-7800, or email for assessment.

The Region and its local municipal partners work together to coordinate winter road clearing activities to ensure efficient and effective services all along roads in Peel.

Learn more about winter maintenance on residential streets, sidewalks and trails:

For snow clearing updates, follow us on Twitter @PeelPublicWorks.

We developed a Salt Management Plan, that summarizes effective salt usage in order to combat snow and ice and decrease overall salt usage.

We continue to research new methods and apply best practices to reduce the amount of salt used while maintaining a safe bare pavement standard including:

Other new technology and best practices we use when prepping for winter weather include:

  • Road patrol on all Regional roads providing on-the-ground feedback on developing conditions.
  • Advanced weather forecasting systems to monitor atmospheric and road conditions throughout Peel.
  • Weather maps to monitor ongoing conditions.
  • Consultation with meteorologists to assist in responding to forecasted winter road conditions.