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2021 Census data on labour, education, and commuting

Remote work in Peel increased to 28.2%.

2021 Census data for labour, education, and commuting is now available.

Notably, it shows that:

You can access this and other useful data on our Census Information Hub (the Hub).

The Hub is a central location for Census data in Peel and supports Peel Region's Community for Life vision.?

You can use the Hub to:

ArcGIS technology

ArcGIS technology is an engaging online platform that combines geographic data, tools, and apps.

The Hub uses ArcGIS technology to present Census data in a visually appealing, storytelling style.

What's next

This is the final release for the 2021 Census based on Statistics Canadas release schedule.

In 2023, we plan to create additional data products such as ward data profiles, to help better understand our community.

If you have any questions or feedback about the Hub or 2021 Census data in Peel, complete and submit our Feedback form.