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2015-2035 Strategic Plan

Our 20-year vision for Peel is "Community for Life."

Community for Life is a place where everyone enjoys a sense of belonging and has access to the services and opportunities they need to thrive throughout each stage of their lives.

Community for Life came from citizen feedback. It reflects our citizens' priorities and hopes for life in Peel. Our 2015-2035 Strategic Plan outlines the work we are focused on to bring their vision to life.

The Strategic Plan has a 20-year outlook and will be fulfilled in stages. This allows us to plan across multiple Terms of Council and take on bigger challenges than ever before.

For more details about the 2015-2035 Strategic Plan, email the Corporate Strategy Office.

Vision and Mission


Community for Life


Working with you to create a healthy,
safe and connected community

We'll build on Community for Life by focusing on 3 areas

People's lives are improved in their time of need

By 2035, you'll have:

Communities are integrated, safe, and complete

By 2035, you'll live in a community:

Government is future-oriented and accountable

By 2035, you'll trust that:

Other information

Our Regional Values define how we work together and drive our daily interactions and decisions.

  • We are empowered to make a difference
  • We are genuine and transparent
  • We are all leaders in the work we do
  • We care about everyone's well-being and success
  • We provide excellent customer service every time
  • We pursue and embrace purposeful change
  • We find and implement solutions together

The best strategy to rise to the challenges of the future is to build engaged communities capable of working together to identify innovative solutions.

That's why it's so important that this Strategic Plan, which guides our work for the next two decades, reflects the will of the people of Peel. To get those insights, we developed new ways of reaching out to the community. We used technology, creative exhibits and social media to make giving feedback easy, accessible and fun. Through that effort, we attracted a larger stakeholder group and brought more diverse voices into the discussion than ever before.

This Strategic Plan emerges directly from that community feedback. The extensive community engagement helped us build our Strategic Plan and determine our 20-year outcomes. It is, in essence, our community’s vision, reflecting their collective priorities, needs and hopes for life in Peel in 2035.

Regional booths were set up at community events to find out what matters most to the people of Peel.

Young Peel citizens share what they want "More or Less" of in the community.

What the community told us

Community feedback video

Council's and community's top of mind issues

  • Traffic Congestion
  • Managing the Region's growth
  • Opportunities to both live and work in Peel
  • Link transportation and access networks
  • Attracting and retaining businesses
  • Health programs that cover our life span from infancy to old age
  • Employment and entrepreneurship
  • Active lifestyles and habits
  • Mental health and its impacts
  • Community safety and crime prevention

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