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Resident accommodation

Room types, furniture, and other information about living at our long term care centres.

Types of rooms

We offer private, semi-private and basic accommodations.  Our private rooms accommodate one resident, while semi-private (only Peel Manor) and basic rooms accommodate 2 residents. All bedrooms have an ensuite washroom.

Couples are welcome to live together at our centres. Couples who would like to live together should discuss their request with the local Home and Community Care Support Services organization.

Furniture and personal items

Each resident’s room is equipped with an adjustable bed with rails, a night table, dresser and chair.

We encourage residents to display their own familiar items such as pictures, framed photographs and other favourite belongings as space permits. Residents can also bring their personal items.

Furniture will be checked to ensure they are in good condition and that the size is suitable for the resident’s room. Our maintenance staff will assist with moving furniture as requested; however, assembly service is not available.

TVs and telephones

Resident rooms are wired for telephone service and cable. Residents who would like a telephone or television in their rooms can arrange an account with a phone or cable service. Residents are responsible for individual cable and telephone charges. Peel Manor is an exception; cable is arranged through the centre.

All electrical items such as televisions, monitors and telephones must conform to Canadian Standards Association and be inspected by our staff for safety requirements.

Computers and the internet

Residents are welcome to have their own computers, and an internet connection is available in all resident rooms. Public Wi-Fi is available in our centres, but residents may choose to have their own internet access arranged with a service provider. Residents are responsible for individual internet charges.

Mail and newspaper delivery

Mail is delivered to each resident's room regularly. Residents who would like to receive a newspaper can arrange an account with the newspaper directly. The paper will be delivered to the resident's room.

Smoking and vaping

Smoking and vaping are not allowed inside any of our centres. We have designated outside areas for residents only where smoking is allowed. Visitors must not give cigarettes or lighters to residents. Staff members are not available to supervise residents who smoke.


While residents can’t have pets, we welcome family members or friends to bring vaccinated pets to our homes when they visit. Some of our centres have a pet therapy program which is popular with many residents.

We are also supportive of residents living with their service animals and will facilitate the process on an individual basis to meet the resident’s unique needs.  All animals coming into the centre must receive regular veterinary care, have up-to-date vaccines and checkups and checkups must show they are free of communicable disease.