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How to sort your waste


Election signs

This item is recyclable.

Take this item to the Fewster, Brampton, or Bolton Community Recycling Centres (CRC) for disposal. Election signs are accepted at only these CRC locations.

Special disposal instructions or restrictions

Election signs are accepted free of charge up to 30 days following an election day. A disposal fee will apply after this time period.

Election signs are not collected from the curb. Do not put election signs in your garbage or recycling bin or beside your bins at the curb.

If you prefer to recycle the signs prior to removal by the candidate’s campaign office, you must:

  • Separate the three main types of signs, corrugated plastic, paperboard and plastic film, from their associated hardware (e.g., Nylon zip ties, metal staples, wooden stakes, metal "O" rings and dirt/debris) to qualify for free drop off. Do not bundle or mix signs made of different materials.
  • Remove any stakes, staples, nails and fasteners from the sign before bringing it to a CRC. Put these items in the garbage.

Other recycling options:

  • Keep the sign, attach a new message to the board and use it to promote a special event.
  • Donate the sign to a local school or non profit organization to use for their promotions.
  • Reuse the wire stand for future signs.

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