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Battery collection

The fall battery collection period is from October 17 to 28. Check your collection calendar for your battery pickup day. Get details


Propane tank for BBQ or plumbing and CO2 cylinders

Unused, partially-full or damaged propane tanks and cylinders are considered household hazardous waste (HHW).

Take this item to a Household Hazardous Waste Depot at your local Community Recycling Centre (CRC) for proper disposal, free of charge.

For CRC locations, visit Community Recycling Centres. CRCs will accept a limit of 5 propane tank/helium cylinders & CO2 cartridges/tanks per day. The maximum size of tank allowed is 18kg (40lbs).

Never put propane tanks or cylinders in your garbage or recycling, or on the curb. Doing so may cause fire or other injury during the curbside collection and recycling process.

Note: Businesses with hazardous waste must complete a registration process first in order to utilize Peel HHW Depots. Visit Business Hazardous Waste.

For other ways to properly dispose of your HHW visit 'Make the Drop' or Ontario Healthsteward.

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