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Testing tap water for lead

Lead can be toxic. While lead is no longer used in plumbing, some older structures might still have lead piping.

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Homes and buildings in Peel that are at higher risk for lead water pipes are eligible for lead testing.

We’ll test the tap water for lead if your home or business:

How to get your water tested

To book a drinking water lead test, email us or call 905-791-7800, ext. 4685.


There is no cost for this service. Testing your home’s tap water for lead is free.

Who to contact

If you have any questions or would like more details, call 905-791-7800, ext. 4685.

More information

Testing for lead in your tap water

  • To test for lead, we’ll need to use your tap for 45 minutes.
  • You must not use any water in the home or building while testing is taking place.
  • We’ll share the test results with you directly.

Testing for lead in Peel’s drinking water

  • Municipal drinking water systems in Ontario are required to monitor lead concentration in water supply through a Community Lead Testing Program.
  • We test drinking water for lead in private taps twice a year (in homes and businesses), and in the distribution system (i.e. municipal hydrants) throughout Mississauga, Brampton, and south Caledon.
  • Our program results have consistently met provincial drinking water quality standards and Health Canada Guidelines.
  • Lead in Peel’s drinking water is well below the acceptable lead level of 10 parts per billion.
  • To view a summary of lead results for previous years’ testing and for more information about your drinking water in Peel, visit our Water Quality Reports page.

Elevated lead levels

  • If lead levels test above the provincial limit, we investigate the section of the water service pipe that connects the home or business to the watermain.
  • If the municipal portion (public side) of the service pipe contains lead, we immediately replace it.
  • If we find lead on the private (home or business owner’s) side of the service connection or in the building’s plumbing, we encourage the owner to replace the pipe or to monitor and control the lead levels. Refer to replacing your private side water service for more information.