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Water in rural parts of Caledon

Homeowners in Caledon’s rural areas get clean water through a municipal well-based system or from privately owned wells.

Well-based municipal drinking water systems

There are 4 well-based municipal drinking water systems in Caledon.

Groundwater is the water source for well-based systems.

Groundwater exists beneath the earth’s surface in underground aquifers (layers of rock and water). This water is then pumped to the surface through a well pump and treated at our small-scale water treatment plants in Caledon.

Peel’s well-based municipal drinking water systems are:

Well-based municipal system treatment process

Peel’s well-based water system follows similar treatment, distribution, maintenance and testing practices as the lake-based system.

Our small-scale water treatment plants are equipped with processes that improve the taste, smell and clarity of the drinking water.

These include:

Peel Region-owned municipal wells

Peel owns and operates wells in the following areas of Caledon:

Our Water Quality Reports outline in detail, information about the water systems and the water quality standards in each of these communities.

Water from private wells

Property owners are responsible for the construction, maintenance, and abandonment of private wells.