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Peel Region

Public works

Providing residents with high-quality drinking water, well maintained roads, reliable waste and recycling programs, and specialized public transit. We also build, maintain and plan Peel’s communities today and in the future.

Waste management

Reliable, safe and environmentally responsible curb-side waste, recycling and organics programs and Community Recycling Centres.

Water and wastewater

We provide safe, high-quality drinking water across Peel and treat millions of litres of wastewater are every day.


Specialized door-to-door public transit for residents across Peel.


Ensuring safe travel on Regional roads and through our traffic safety projects.


Building and maintaining our water, wastewater, Regional roads and transportation systems.


Guiding the development of existing and future communities in Peel.

Environmental education

Education and outreach programs for schools, businesses and in the community.