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Pavement Rehabilitation Town of Caledon

For Rehabilitation of Mississauga Road, Old Main Street and Bush Street in Belfountain, Project 14-4065

Project scope

The Region of Peel is planning to commence the design phase of the Belfountain rehabilitation project on Old Main Street/Mississauga Road from Caledon Mountain Drive to Bush Street and Bush Street from Old Main Street to Shaw’s Creek Road. View area map (PDF).

The Region of Peel maintains assets under the State of Good Repair (SOGR) program and has the responsibility to repair and improve existing infrastructure to benefit the community. It is planned to rehabilitate the road pavement and upgrade the drainage culverts in need of replacement within the project limits.

We are currently in the early planning stages, so we can not provide exact construction dates. Rehabilitation construction is tentatively scheduled to commence in 2025.

Parking and traffic calming

Traffic calming measures and parking options are being evaluated by Peel Traffic, to address traffic needs in Belfountain Village. Recommendations for additional traffic calming measures resulting from this review will be coordinated with the implementation of the SOGR improvements.

Next steps

The project team will conduct pre-construction field investigations.

The scope of pre-construction field investigations includes topographic survey, geotechnical investigation, recording the locations of trees, taking photographs, and visual inspection of culverts, surface/underground utilities, fences, creeks/streams, ponds, and the road surface.

HDR Corporation has been retained by the Region of Peel to complete the detailed design. Either HDR staff, their sub-consultant or Region of Peel will undertake the investigations in the field.


The Region is planning to hold a Public Information Center (PIC) to present the proposed parking options and traffic calming measures to the local residents. The SOGR rehabilitation project will also be presented at the same time, for discussion at the community meeting. A PIC notice will be sent out to notify the residents of the upcoming public meeting.


Please contact the project team if you have any questions or concerns.

Ommar Moeen, Project manager, Region of Peel
905-791-7800 ext. 7998

Anthony Reitmeier, Project manager, HDR Corporation

Sarah Riginiano, Civil engineer, HDR Corporation

Construction statement regarding COVID-19

Construction is an essential service. We’re keeping employees, contractors and the community safe by complying with provincial regulations, physical distancing, using personal protective equipment, and adjusting work schedules and shifts.